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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i'm on the hunt

if you follow me on twitter 
(which you should, cause my tweets are pretty much the best ones out there you should)
you might have seen my tweet today that said : 
"if i don't get my hands on this sequined chevron shift dress at francesca's i might cry #notjoking"

first let me back track..
two days ago A Preppy State of Mind posted this picture on instagram : 

i instantly fell in love with the dress, and knew i had to get my hands on it. no matter how much it cost.
well i, along i with many others, commented on her instagram picture asking where her new dress was from. she commented back, and let us know that it was from francesca's collection and only $56.
francesca's collection. $56.
wait what? did i read that right?
luckily enough, i was at the mall helping my mom pick out a new pair of glasses, when she commented that it was from francesca's. i dropped everything and ran the heck walked out of the glasses store to get my hands on this dress.

after a long search for this dress, i found it. in the sale section. because the entire back of the dress was ripped. 
just my luck.
but i reluctantly tried it on anyway to see how it ran size wise. it was a size small, which was way too small.

right when i got home from the mall, the first thing i did was log on to my computer and hit up francescas.com. unfortunately for me i couldn't find this dress anywhere on the website!
 because i want it SO badly, i e-mailed customer service and asked them when they were getting the dress back in stock. here's what they sent back to me this morning: 

Good Morning!

Thanks for your inquiry, unfortunately if you do not see it on the website then the item is currently unavailable.  We are unable to determine when it will become available again. Please feel free to browse our website periodically for availability and check with your nearest Francesca’s Collections boutique and they would be more than happy to perform a nationwide store search for you. 

Warm regards,

Theresa Hernandez

yesterday, at the store i couldn't even get the girls working there to help me find the dress. i don't think they are going to want to help me perform a nationwide store search for me, theresa. 
nice try theresa, nice try.
but theresa did remind me that there is another francescas in my town, so i called them up and asked them if they had the dress. THEY DID! i even think it's my potential size! i asked them to hold it, but they can only hold it for 24 hours. I am going on a quick trip out of town tomorrow to visit a doctor and today i had a bunch of school work (virtual school work hehe), but i will be going to this mall on friday. so that means tomorrow i have to call the store up and ask them to hold my dress for me again, so no one else buys it in the mean time, because it's THE last one they have left. in the world. (i'm exaggerating, but still)

so, because this dress is sold out everywhere, i'm guessing it's going to be another trendy item! i usually don't like trendy items, but this is an exception. i need it, and i need it now. 

how many times did i say francescas? 
have you seen/heard about this dress?

thanks for reading! 


  1. That is sooo adorable! Haha ohhh I have had some similar experiences.............:)

    1. isn't it?! it happens to the best of us (at least i'd like to think;) )

  2. My friend wore this dress for a fraternity formal, super cute! I think she said she found it at ustrendy.com so if Francesca's doesn't work out maybe you can find it there!

    1. oh my gosh, thank you! i'll definitely be checking there after I go to francescas!

  3. that dress is amazing! Perfect for the holiday season!!

  4. Chloe, come to the Francescas in Augusta, GA hehe! They still have quite a few :) You will LOVE this dress! I promise :)


  5. I haven't seen this dress but I love it, it's perfect! Hope you're able to find it :)


  6. My francesca's only got two in--not even one in every size--just two!! It must be limited edition or something lol

  7. I emailed you the site, but tobi.com should have it. Just sign up as a new ember and you get amazing discounts. I ordered this dress last week and it already arrived :)

  8. It's from Lavishville: http://www.lavishville.com/zig-zag-sequined-shift-dress-taupe/
    Sold out unfortunately :(

  9. Omg I have this dress. Just got it. Can't wait to wear it!