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Saturday, November 10, 2012

i got my haircut!

i have always wanted long hair.
i have always had short hair. 

recently my hair was the longest it had ever been in the history of me. it was only three or four inches below my collar bone, but that is long in my book! my hair was getting to be really gross and dry though so yesterday i went to my hair place and told the lady that i wanted three inches cut off. 
as i've learned in my 16 (almost 17) years of life, haircutters always cut off way more than you ask. i have cried countless times after i've gotten a haircut because i just hated it so much. but this time, even though my haircutter cut off more than i asked, i am in love with my new hair cut. i now have a long-ish bob that sits right above my collar bone. 
i think it's adorable, and i will probably keep getting this same hair cut for a while! 
my mom says that my hair looks best shorter because i have a rounder face, so this cut does flatter me best! 

here's a before picture : 

and here's an after picture : 

also, i have been having a problem where my scalp is dry and flaky, but also having greasy hair. i asked the lady cutting my hair about this problem, and she asked me if i wash my hair every night. i do because it gets greasy if i don't wash it every night. she told me that washing your hair every night can cause your scalp to get dried out, and it also causes your hair to over produce oils! who knew?! so i will now be washing my hair every other night to keep my hair healthier. 

thanks for reading! 

do you always end up going back to the same haircut? 
how often do you get your haircut? 

p.s. update! i went to francesca's to find the dress i talked about in my last post. they still had it on hold for me, but it was too small! for some strange reason the arms were ridiculously tight, and literally cut off my circulation ha! i guess it just wasn't meant to be with this dress ;)
the search still continues for the perfect winter dress though.


  1. Love your new hair cut! I have a serious phobia of hairdressers - they always forget my hair is curly so it looks shorter than it is and cut off way more than they should - such a pain!

  2. You look absolutely adorable with your new hair! All my life, I've had a bob, always adorned with a bow (thanks mom!). Then, in 4th- 5th grade I grew it out. In 6th grade, I missed my old hair and cut it again. I must say, I was really mad I cut it all off! Now, I am growing my hair as long as I possibly can because I really want that Marcia Brady look! Haha!

  3. I love your new haircut! :)
    I used to wash my hair every night too and I had the same problem so now I wash it every other day, I've heard it's supposed to be much healthier for your hair. I'm always scared to ask for too much off my hair because you're totally right hairdresses always take extra off(or at least it seems like it). Great post, sorry the dress didn't fit. I'm sure you'll find a great winter dress soon though. :)