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Friday, April 25, 2014

hot pink undies

whew! i haven’t posted on here in, well, forever. i sincerely apologize for the lack of chloe in your lives lately. i know it’s been hard, and you’ve been wondering when i’ll post like everyday, but i’m posting now so don’t hate me too much. my life has been a whirlwind of school. like i honestly don’t know my my brain hasn’t melted. sometimes i go to bed at night with brain aches (like a headache, but in the brain from excess school work). 

I actually had my first junior year meltdown the other day because i was super stressed about the combination of my school exams on top of my first SAT test on top of four AP exams. like what? so. many. important. life. altering. exams. ok that’s kind of an exaggeration, they’re not that life altering, and I most likely will survive, but stiiiillllll. ugh. 

but i have been keeping up with barre classes which is awesome. go chloe. i’ve managed to only have one embracing incident at class, and since this blog is a huge series of awkward moments, I guess i’ll share it with y’all…. here we go. 

so i’ve always been the kind of person that has a hard time buying expensive items that should be cheap. like leggings. i mean $80 for a pair of leggings from lululemon? really? i’ve had my lululemon leggings for like three years (and my mom bought them for me as a super nice gift) and i didn’t think there was anything wrong with them. sure, they were a little worn out due to years of use, but they really weren’t that bad. or so I thought. 

one day before class i didn’t have that much time to get ready so i had to leave on my undies from my previous non-workout outfit and then through on my leggings and leave. turns out i was wearing my super cute neon pink with white polka dot and lace edging victoria’s secret undies. i didn’t think anything of wearing this particular pair of underwear with this particular pair of leggings until I was in class and a lady across from me wouldn’t stop staring at my butt. like she could have burned me she was glaring so hard. during class i went into the bathroom to check myself out and make sure that i didn't like sit on a banana or something before class. while in the bathroom though, i realized that my hot pink undies were literally shining through my pants. i was so embarrassed that i didn’t think i would be able to go back into the workout room. i did though, because i’m not ashamed of my underwear and wanted to be nice and keep the lady across from me entertained. 

after i told my parents what happened in class my dad asked if I was traumatized (i was) and my mom asked if lululemon was open the next day (it was). all in all it’s not that bad. it’s not like i’m the first person to have see through leggings and i got two new pairs of killer leggings so who’s the real winner here? 

i am the real winner, thank you very much.

thanks for reading!! feel free to leave a comment so i feel popular. 
i’d love to hear about an embarrassing story of yours that happened recently (so you can get it off your chest, and i can have a good laugh and/or feel sympathetic towards you). 

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Friday, January 24, 2014

airport awkwardness

hey there lovely ladies 

it's good to be chatting over here, but if ya miss me then be sure to follow along on popcosmo there have been a ton of new awesome posts up lately so you don't want to miss out.

this past week my mom and i traveled to salt lake city utah to learn more about the new product that cricut is launching. let me fill you in, the cricut explore is going to be all the rage very soon. it basically makes your crafts for you with the click of the button. all you have to do is design your craft online or choose a preexisting craft. crazyy. it's revolutionary. 

so anyway, no trip occurs without something awkward happening to me. 
and by trip i mean me leaving the house. 

so you see where this is going.
yes. i got myself into an awkward situation in the airport. 

if you've traveled recently then you know a little something about TSA. basically the security line jumped in a time machine to the 1990s and you don't have to take your shoes off, take your laptop out, or do anything when you go through the human x-ray slash tube machine. 

well, my mom got lucky and got to go through TSA but i had to do the 2010's security line. 
i made it through the line without any awkward occurrences. I spent most of the wait trying to figure out how the guys in front of me got so tall. aka these things were going through my head for the 20 minutes of line waiting 
"are they human? how the heck are they so tall"
"they must be basketball players"
"wow their luggage is so fancy"

and then i made it to the security guard who checks your id and plane ticket. 
this is where the awkward starts to begin.
my mom handed me the wrong plane ticket before she went through her special security so when the man scanned my ticket his device thing made a scary noise and a big red x popped up. 
the man told me that i had the wrong ticket and i informed him that my mom had my other ticket. 
he asked where my mom was and i told him that she was past security because she had tsa.
he then told me that i needed to wait off to the side and have her bring it to me. 

at this moment i was so embarrassed and frazzled that i did not know how i would get my mom to come give me the right ticket. did i 
a. scream across the airport to her 
b. start crying 
c. text her

c seemed like the most logical thing to do although i have to admit, a few tears did form.
so then i texted my mom and told her to give a security guard my ticket to give to me.
i though my awkward experience was over and that i would get my ticket and be reunited with my mom.

but no. 
my mom gave my ticket to an almost deaf security guard. 
this security guard also didn't know how to read or pronounce the name "chloe"

i saw the security guard walking over with my ticket and tried to catch his attention but i failed to do so. this guy then started screaming (SCREAMING) 

i then raised my hand like an embarrassed kid and said i'm over here, but since he was deaf (i'm not being sarcastic about the deaf thing, my mom said that he told her that he had a hearing problem) he didn't hear me. so he continued to scream 
until everyone in line around me said 

not only was my name screamed across the whole airport but my name was given an awkward R at the end of it. 
*insert red face and teary eyes*

so there you have it. the most embarrassing airport story. 

ugh. what did i do in my previous life that makes me the main character of these stories?

do you have an embarrassing airport story?
or any embarrassing stories so i can feel better about myself?

thanks for reading! 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

what's crackalakin

hey there chickadees! 

so i was just stalking my blog (please tell me I'm not the only one that does it) and i just realized that i hadn't posted on my blog as a mature eighteen year old. so since i'm eighteen now, i figured i better share some sophisticated writing, because this blog is all about sophisticated writing. 

so the first thing that i thought to write was five updates on my life
because some things never change, even when you turn 18 

1. i've been looking into colleges more seriously and my top three schools as of now (keep in mind i'm a junior so my top schools will most likely change) are boston university, michigan university at ann harbor, and washington university. I'm also considering charleston university. 
2. i have three drafts sitting in my email inbox that are super exciting and potentially life changing. i'm being a tad dramatic, but i've been waiting to send them since christmas but my mom told me i had to be respectful and wait until after new years day. (i'm sending them tomorrow) 
3. school work is so annoying and i can't wait to be done with online school. i only started because of my health issues, and now that i'm feeling soooo much better i am having difficulties being stuck at home by myself and self motivating myself to do school work. i can't wait until my senior year at real school. woo. holler.
4. speaking of real school, this summer i'm planning on coming up with a bucket list so i can make sure to have a super awesome senior year! 
5. i'm really hungry right now so i'm going to go eat some left over clam chowder from whole foods. mmm doesn't that sound appetizing? 

share some updates with me via twitter or the comments section! 
i love hearing from you! 

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

reflection (it's not as boring as it sounds)

I am turning 18 in two days. 
feel free to tweet me a happy birthday note, so i can feel super cool ;) 
18 is one of those milestone birthdays, and according to savannah or natalie (i swear I can't tell them apart) on the today show, milestone birthdays are years that you reflect. you look back on your past and see how far you have come and just take a moment to be proud of all the things you have accomplished. 
well, i'm going to kind of reflect on my past. 
and you're so lucky that i'm going to share my past with you. 
so... introducing a new series.
i am going to share an awkward story from each grade that i have been in on here. i have no idea how long these twelve posts will take, as i will only write when i feel like it. but i promise they will all happen. 

so. let's start with kindergarten. i like to think this is the year my awkwardness / unlucky events started. I lived in nashville, tennessee when I started kindergarten, and apparently my school did things a little weird because my parents weren't allowed to walk me into my classroom on the first day. my mom of course was a nervous wreck hoping that i would make it to my classroom in one piece, and i was kind of oblivious to the whole idea of walking by myself to my classroom. 
so here's how the day went down (to the best of my memory)
my thoughts are italicized 
6:00am - wake up super duper excited for my first day of real school. omg i'm going to be the coolest big kid in the whole school. everyone is going to want to be my friend. agh. 
6:02 - go into parents room and tell them how excited i am for big kid school. omg this is going to be the best day of my life. 
7:00 - eat a hearty breakfast of a nature bar and chocolate milk. mmm i love chocolate milk and i can't wait to go to real life big kid school. 
7:45 - drive to my first day of kindergarten. ok. i'm ready for this. i'm feeling a little bit nervous, but that will all go away once i walk in the door and strut my fabulous self to my cubby. 
8:00 - kiss parents goodbye. omg this is happening. omg. ok chloe settle down. you can do this. 
8:01 - hop out of car and walk through the huge doors. ok. this is awesome. i'm officially a cool big kid. wow. real school. kindergarten. i can't wait to learn how to read, and color in the lines, and learn to spell. this is going to be great. 
8:02 - get lost on the way into my classroom. wait a second. i forget which classroom is mine. ahh. why couldn't mommy and daddy help me find my classroom. big kid school is a little scarier than i thought. uh oh. no one is around what do i do? where do i go? there are so many doors to choose from. 
8:03 - have a mini self pity party with tears because my classroom still can't be located. ugh i really don't want to look like a cry baby but i can't find my classroom. waahh. 
8:10 - finally rescued by a teacher's aid and walked to my classroom. this is a little embarrassing. hopefully this incident doesn't tarnish my reputation. but my classroom is so pretty. wow so many cute boys. i can't wait to play with all of these toys. 

so moral of the story is that i got lost on my first day to kindergarden. i was a wreck, but it all worked out in the end. kind of a boring story, but i don't really remember it that well. i promise the stories will get better with time. also, they won't all be laid out in this format. 

i hope y'all like this new series. 
don't forget to tweet me on christmas day (aka my birthday) ;) @preppydiaries

did you have an awkward experience in kindergarten? i'd love to hear! 
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

five updates yo yo

hey girl hey
(if you're a boy reading this, i sincerely apologize for the sexism)
(also, hey there stud... ;) ) 
jk. mom that was a joke. 
(my mom reads this so that could get awk fast)

it's chloe here.
just wanted to pop in and update you on muh lyfe.
it's so exciting i spell it with a y.
cause i make my own rules.  

so. so. so.
not much has been going on in my lyfe recently. i've been doing tons and tons of school work. 
at the beginning of the year i wasn't too motivated with school and slacked off a little ton. so now i've been trying to please my parents and get done with school early. online school life yo. and i'm taking four ap classes (it's my blog so I can brag thank you very much) and they're really hard so parents if you're reading this ap classes are realllyyy reallyyy hard. even harder than when you were a kid so hah.

ok here are five facts about me lately. i should probably rename my blog to "five facts about me lately" because that's all i seem to do. 
but it's my lyfe so i can do what i want to. 
*previous line crafted loosely around one of miley cyrus' latest songs that i can't remember the name of*

ok here we go.

1. i finally figured out how to curl my hair and make it look kinda like i just went to a dry bar appointment. here's what i do. step on curl huge chunks of hair. step two. after curling chunk of hair pull the bottom. step three. repeat until all chunks are curled. step four add moroccan oil. step five tease to taste (like salt to taste) it turns out flawless every time. my mom even complimented my hair which she never does so that's how i know it looks good.
2. i got a 100% on an english paper recently. ap english thank you very much. i know my writing skills aren't too superb on here, and i know i don't use correct grammar/spelling (i.e. lyfe) but this blog is the contents of my brain just spewing to the internet so there. ha. owned. dissed. bam.
3. essie's carry on nail polish is my winter fave. like go buy it now cause it's awesome. it's like a perfect mixture of brown, purple, red, and burnt orange. oo i love it.
4. i have lost weight recently! i was struggling with being on these steroids (prescribed by my doctor) that made me eat every second of the day (nah nah nah nah). but i've been trying to eat super healthy and i'm fitting into pants that i haven't been able to wear in a really long time. woo. go me. go me. 
5. this gap skirt is my all time favorite piece that i own. ugh. i looove it. 

ok that's it. 
thanks for reading you're da best and the beautifulest human ever.

oh p.s. do you have any video recommendations for my mom and I? we want to make some videos for popcosmo! 

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