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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

tomorrow's an exciting day

hey ya'll!! i can't stand when people have a list of excuses of why they've been a bad blogger, because it's ok to miss a few days here and there in the blogging world! that being said, i have been really under the weather lately, because i was put on a new medicine in hope of helping my stomach but it ended up setting me back a few days. i'm going in to the doctor tomorrow though, so I'm hoping i'll come back with good news!
that's not why tomorrow is exciting though! 
first of all lilly pulitzer is on ruelala tomorrow, so there's a little heads up! hop on your computer at 11 eastern time, and shop your lilly heart out! if you need an invite just click here! if you purchase anything good, then be sure to let me know what you snagged! 
second of all, tomorrow i will be hosting my very first giveaway! as for what it is, my lips are sealed. but trust me, you'll definitely want to check back tomorrow to see what you have a chance to get your hands on! 

so that's why tomorrow is an exciting day! which is weird because usually wednesdays aren't all that great. 

oh and i just want to let y'all know that i went out to my local video store yesterday (sick and all) just to pick up season one of gossip girl, because caroline over at citrus&style  and signe at significantly styled  just posted about it, and i knew i had to see it! i am IN LOVE! it's such a cute series so far, and i'm really tearing into it. there are five discs in season one with four episodes (at 45 minutes each) on each disc. i'm already done with disc two and i started watching yesterday.
i guess you could say i have a lot of time on my hands;)

don't forget to come back tomorrow to see what special giveaway i have for you! 
thanks for reading! 
have you seen gossip girl before?

xo xo


  1. Such wonderful news! I hope this medicine works!

  2. YAY! Can't wait for the giveaway! Hope you feel better soon!


  3. I spent last summer watching GG and I absolutely loved it!

  4. i'm obsessed with gossip girl! i have the first three seasons on dvd and always find myself watching them! hope everything at the doctor went well!