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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

youtube is a boredom buster

do you ever find yourself staring at your computer screen thinking "i'm so bored" or "i want to entertain myself without having to walk to the tv or click to often". if so then i have a solution!! if not, then i'm proud of you for (a. not being lazy and (b. for doing something productive! i have recently started watching youtube on a daily basis, and it is very addictive! i usually watch beauty gurus, and today i want to share some of my favorite gurus with you!! here's a list, and each name will link you back to their youtube chanel

ARose186 -- arden is probably my favorite you tuber, because she isn't trying to be something she's not (not that every one on youtube is). she is super quirky, and hilarious. also, she puts her boyfriend in a couple of her videos, and they are literally the cutest couple i have ever seen!
HauteBrilliance -- aspyn's video's are so fun to watch, and she always talks about something interesting. whether it be a DIY or a haul, everything is fun to watch!
JLovesMac1 -- the title of jarmaine's videos always seem as if they are going to be super boring, but they are all great! she puts her own sense of humor into every video, and her style is great!
meganheartsmakeup -- megan is just an all around perfect girl! she's super sweet and her videos are great! she's only 16 years old, but holds herself as a 20 year old.
meghanrosette -- meghan is HILARIOUS! i love her sense of style, and how she talks about real life problems & gives her viewers real life tips!
sarahbelle93x -- i love how she puts her own twist on all things preppy. she seems like a really sweet girl, she's super funny, and is really good at editing!
thesummerhood -- this isn't a makeup related channel, but i am still in love with it (and the update everyday since it's a collab channel!)

do you have a youtuber that i need to know about?
thanks for reading! 

1 comment:

  1. I did a post just like this!!! I don't think I mentioned any of your favorites, so I will have to check them out!