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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

bucket list : school edition

i've been seeing tons of back to school related posts (i've even posted my own), and i decided to put a little spin on the traditional post! i feel like when most of us teenage girls go back to school we get it in our head that it's going to "be the best year ever" or that something great and exciting is going to happen, but most of the time we forget that we have to make it fun. i always tell myself at the beginning of the school year that i'm going to be less shy around the people that i know, but always find myself talking to the same people! i've put together a little bucket list that will guarantee that i have a few fun days throughout the year, and it will help push me outside of my comfort zone a little bit! 

if you want to see more editions then let me know in the comments! 

thanks for reading!


  1. Those sound fun! Definitely tell us how they go! (wish I could be there for cupcake day...)

  2. super cute blog you have here :):) please come check out mine some time!

  3. This is such a fun bucket list!! :)