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Thursday, August 9, 2012

penny pinching prep

i'm officially a penny pincher! as some of you know, i had a job working at a local boutique at the beginning of summer. it was the perfect job for me, because i could walk to the store and the pay was great! i had finished my training and was waiting on a call to tell me what day and time i should come in to officially start working, but i never got a call. it turns out that the store had "unforeseen circumstances" and had to shut down. i am now jobless and broke! in all honesty i think the job would have been kind of boring (but that's between you and me), and i believe everything happens for a reason! 

because i don't have a job or money, i have resorted to shopping at thrift stores! i follow @karlareed on instagram, and she literally buys all her clothes from only thrift stores or on super sale, and she is seriously my hero. she showed me that i don't have to buy $500 dollar pieces of clothing to look cute, i just have to buy clothes that look good on my body and suit my coloring! 

there is a consignment store near my house, and the other day i decided to hit it up! i literally hit the jackpot! there was lilly pulitzer, ralph lauren polo, and other cute brands! i ended up buying a polo skirt and a lilly dress. they were both had $30 dollar price tags, which is kind of pricey but they were in mint condition! when i got to the register the lady told me that all dark blue tags were an extra 50% off, so i ended up getting the lilly dress for $17! ahh lilly for $17!!! i almost peed in my pants when she told me! 
my findings!
the polo shirts didn't fit though :( 

the lilly dress (its the kangaroo print)
i styled it will a denim shirt from urban outfitters, which i think adds a really cute touch! 

i styled the skirt three different ways!
left : shirt-uniqlo, skirt- polo (thrifted), shoes- jack rogers
middle : shirt-urban outfitters, skirt - polo (thrifted) shoes - jack rogers
right : shirt - otterbay, skirt - polo (thrifted) shoes - jackrogers

if you would like to hear my thrifting tips, then let me know! 

have you ever scored at a thrift store?
thanks for reading!


  1. Such cute finds! I definitely need to start thrifting!

  2. wow, $17 for a lilly dress? that's a steal!
    i never been to a thrift store, but i might go very soon, and hopefully find such items at such low prices!

  3. I love thrift stores and you found some great stuff!!! If you're ever in HHI, you definitely need to take a day and go thrifting all around the island. I've found Lilly shirts and polos (sadly, they were solid and not printed) but they were only $2 each!!! But my greatest find would have to be a brand new with tag Lilly strapless top for $25 (in Atlanta).

  4. OMG you are now MY hero!!!! Thanks for the idea!!! I gotta find some thrift stores now.....

  5. Nicely done! Those were really great finds, I'm impressed.

  6. Love that Polo skirt! The combos you made were adorable!

  7. Oh my gosh, this had me wanna run out to the nearest consignment store!! AWESOME finds :)

  8. Cute finds! I LOVE finding lilly on consignment. I bought a Lilly dress for $3 once! Fantastic! :)