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Saturday, August 18, 2012


i might be telling some of y'all old news, but for others you're going to love me forever after you read this post!! i recently came across this Facebook page called "re-lilly". it's basically like ebay where people sell their old/new clothes for lower prices, but re-lilly is only a page for used Lilly Pulitzer clothes and homemade items using lilly patterns! how cool is that?! some deals are even better than what you can find when ruelala has a lilly pulitzer flash sale! 
today as i was scrolling through the Facebook page, i came across the most adorable skirt ever for $55 that was new with tags!! i mean hello awesome deal, how are you today? unfortunately the skirt had already been sold, but i will definitely keep scanning the Facebook page in hopes of finding another great deal! 
i'm seriously in love with this skirt. like i would marry it if i could.
ok, not really marry it, but i would buy it and wear it everyday! and night.
i'm not weird i promise.

honestly, you should be happy that i'm telling you about re-lilly because i could be really selfish and keep it to myself so i have no other buyers to compete with;) but no worries, i'm telling you (obviously)! 
here are a few more great finds on the Facebook page right now! 

have you already heard about Re-Lilly?
have you purchased from Re-Lilly before?

thanks for reading


  1. I'm a re lilly fan! NEver saw those coolers. I really need one. Are they still available?

    1. the coolers are still available! i'm pretty sure they're under the homemade items section:)

  2. ugh this is when i wish i had a facebook......