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Thursday, October 11, 2012

a little update

i feel terrible! i have literally not posted in forever, but i'm going to make it up to y'all and explain why/what has been going on in my life! 

i have no idea how long this post is going to be, but hang in there! 

a little background info: 

as some of y'all might know i have been super sick (as in i missed pretty much my entire sophomore year of high school, and am currently repeating the grade sick). 
i was basically sick from november through the end of the year last year with mono like symptoms, and every pretty much single doctor told me that i was just stressed. in case you were wondering, i wasn't stressed, i am VERY RARELY stressed and when i am all i have to do is talk to my parents and i feel much better. so i had been bouncing between doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me, but unfortunately i was continuously told what i had was "un-medical" or "stress related". 

so throughout all most all of  last year I was on bed rest, but throughout the summer i started feeling better, but i decided that it would be best if i repeated my sophomore year! 
so school started, and i was feeling great! i made it to the entire first week of school plus the next monday and tuesday.. 
then from there i relapsed again. i was (and still am) absolutely devastated. i missed the next three weeks of school and am still catching up on make up work. the fourth week of school i went in for one or two periods a day but that was all i could handle. we are now on the sixth week of school and i haven't been in at all this week. 

but on the bright side i finally found a doctor who would listen to me and said that he could help me. and i trust him which is great! if you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed that i went up to michigan this past weekend, and that was to visit my new best friend dr. lerner. 
he has found somethings wrong with me, but he said that everything is treatable! i am so happy to have found this doctor, and lucky that there are actually a few doctors willing to listen and help out there! 
this past weekend i did a few tests, that will help him figure out  the treatment path i need to take and I will get the results back this coming monday! i am so excited to see what is actually wrong with me, and so happy that there is a treatment plan for me! 
i don't think i could handle taking sophomore year again;)

so anyway, the reason i haven't been blogging as consistently or blogging as well as i was before, is because when i'm not sleeping or not feeling too terrible i'm doing makeup work for school! but i hope to be back and better than ever very soon!! i hope y'all understand, and i can't wait to share with y'all what actually is wrong with me! 

thanks for reading! 



  1. I'm so glad you found a doctor- I was worried about you because you weren't on for a while! Feel better!!!

    1. aww thank you!! that really means a lot!

  2. Oh my gosh girl!! I hope you get caught up no problem! And yay for finally finding a good Dr!! <3

    1. thank you!! i'm so happy that we found him!!

  3. i hope that you feel way much better<3


  4. A very similar situation happened with my sister and she was eventually diagnosed with narcolepsy! She is now living fine, since she knows whats wrong and how to fix it! I see a light at the end of this medical tunnel for you too, hun!

  5. So glad you found a good doctor!!! If you ever need fun things to do while you are in Michigan, let me know! :-) I live here!!!