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Saturday, October 20, 2012

cheap chic 4.0

back by request is another cheap chic post! here are three items of what i think are going to be the biggest trends come late fall and winter time! 

1. glitter clutches 
glitter is a girls best friend, so why not add it to everything, including fashionable accessories! this gold glitter clutch goes with practically everything, and it's super festive around the holiday season. best part is, you can wear it with a casual outfit or to a very fancy event! 

2. everyone knows that knee high riding boots are in style, but now everyone and their mothers owns a pair. i'm talking everyone. so with these short booties, you can still be trendy while still being on top of all the new trends! i think these are going to be a huge trend come december/january (on the non-snow days) so start wearing them now trend-setters! 

3. not wearing white after labor day just applies to pants and shoes, not scarves! these super cozy infinite scarves are going to be another big trend! they too, go with every outfit, and make you look and feel very cozy and bundled up! 

all in all, these are three great pieces that every one is going to be wearing before you know it! also, they all go with pretty much everything in your closet so that's another reason to buy them! 

thanks for reading! 

what do you think is going to be a huge trend?
are there any steals that you've found lately?



  1. It just goes to show you that you can get something for a lot cheaper and it still has the same style!

  2. I love the gold clutches and the cheap version is just as cute!

  3. I love the boots. I have a pair of Rocket Dog Sheriff boots that look almost identical to the Frye boots. They were only like $60 and I've had them for years! I don't think you can get them anymore though, sadly.

  4. Love that glitter clutch! Check out my blog post on other glittery items!