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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i put the pro in procrastination

i put the pro in procrastination

i used to be the kind of girl that did my homework on friday nights, so i could have the rest of the weekend free without worrying

now i'm the kind of girl that just completely puts off school work 

guess what?
i'm putting off school work right now

and right now

i really need to write a two page essay on a non-narrative movie 
(it's called Baraka -- it was surprisingly pretty good.. )
(for a 1 hour and 36 minute documentary with no words) 

i also really need to record a three minute spanish paper 
(somehow i'm taking AP spanish.. not sure how that happened)

I also have to do a chem lab.
the instructions are pretty much as vague as it gets, 
so we'll see if i can manage it without exploding my house

last but not least i have to do a butt load large amount of history work

yes, i know i'm complaining 
i also know that i don't care;)

i have been putting off my work for so long that i know i just need to buckle down and do it.
unfortunately, with virtual school, it's all to easy to get distracted.
especially when the internet is involved.
am i the only one that finds pinterest even more interesting when i should be doing something productive?

it's gotten so bad that even my outfits have reflected how i feel
yes, i did go out in public with this outfit.
(i did put shoes on though, in case you were wondering)
i have no shame

but right after i post this i'm making myself get done with as much work as possible! 

as much as i am whining though, i have gotten a good amount of work done these past few days! 
here's proof 
(the highlighted stuff is what i have accomplished!)

what do you do when you want to do
 anything and everything except what you are supposed to?

has the train ever dropped you off at procrastination station? 

thanks for reading this very whiny post! 


  1. I feel your pain - I have 7 assessments due in the last week of this semester - blesh. I like to use post its with the work I have to do and the due dates and have have them literally right about my desk so no matter how much I try to avoid them I just can't! Hope this helps :) and good luck with your chem lab - fingers crossed you don't explode your house :)

    1. ahh that's a great idea! good luck with your 7 assignments -- no procrastinating allowed;)

  2. Honey, this happens to me every day! This is what you have to do:
    1. Download SelfControl
    2. Block Pinterest, Facebook, (other websites you don't need for homework that distract you)
    3. Hide your phone somewhere or have your mom take it
    4. Viola! Do your homework! It works for me every time!

    Just remember, the sooner you get your homework done, the sooner you are FREE! Last night, I was doing homework until 11 because I would do 15 minutes of reading and a half hour of Pinterest. I feel your pain!

    Just buckle down and get it done! It feels SO great after!!

    Good luck girl!


    P.S. Love the planner! Where is that from??

    1. hahah it happens to the best of us -- right?
      those are some great tips, i just have to be able to discipline myself now!
      my planner is from http://timemine.com ! it's litterally the best planner i've ever used!

  3. You caught me.. I should be doing AP Stat and AP Environmental work but somehow I ended up checking up on the blogs I follow.
    Crazy how that happens huh? :)

    1. haha it happens to the best of us, i hope you got at least some of your work done!!

  4. Ha. I feel ya.

    Mainlymeghan.Blogspot.Com <-

  5. I am procrastinating as we speak. It's even harder when a lot of your work has to be done on the computer. It's times like these when I really hate computers haha. Well, I'm about to attempt to do some homework!

    1. gurl tell me about it -- online homework means more twitter and pinterest time, right?! good luck on your work!

  6. Same here. But some days I have no homework and then BAM. EVERYTHING to do the next day. I also read lord of the flies..(creeping on your pictures.. haha!) I personally didnt like it much. What about you? xxx

    1. you just hit the nail on the head! last week i had no work at all and this week everything is over loaded! hahahah, i have only read the first few chapters but i don't think it's going to be my favorite book! my mom is obsessed with it though so we'll see!

  7. Just think about how good it will all be when you're done! That was always my best motivation!

  8. Chloe we both know how much Pinterest takes over our lives :))))