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Sunday, December 16, 2012

etsy love : necklaces

we all know i have an obsession with etsy! 
I think it's awesome that i can find unique and amazing  things and support small business owners at the same time! 

that being said, I have two unique and amazing new stores that i want to share with you. both of these jewelers sell amazing necklaces and they also have other amazing pieces in their shop.

first, we have casamoda. you have probably seen one of her items circling around pinterest lately, and have fallen in love with it
how gorgeous is this necklace? it's so simple and sleek but it still makes such an impact. 
the best part is the price tag on the necklace though, at only $16 you can buy one for each of your friends. the quality of this necklace is really great, and it totally seems like it is worth more than $16! 
also, if you receive money as a holiday gift you could definitely treat this necklace to yourself. 
i love that it goes with absolutely everything, and it puts a small twist on the classic pearl necklace. 

another great part about this necklace and etsy shop is that your purchase comes with free gift wrapping! um, yes please! 

next we have Amanda Deer. i have to tell you, i have a slight obsession with small charms on necklaces and when I cam across amanda deer i was beyond excited! there are tons and tons of charms to choose from and then you get to choose whether you want silver or gold. 
i absolutely love this hamsa necklace. it's so simple but the gold really makes it stand out. this necklace is only $28 so it's really a great price! 

amanda deer also comes with free gift wrapping! 
it's not too late to get your jewelry from amanda deer, your order has to be in by december 20th, to insure that it'll be in by christmas eve! 

what's your favorite jewelry item that you own?

thanks for reading! 


  1. Mine is definitely my silver monogrammed jewelry! I have built quite the collection over the years... my favorites have to be my ring and necklace (thank you Chloe!), though!

  2. love these necklaces!!! I checked them both out on Etsy... definitely on my list (for me) for Valentine's day :) Thank you!