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Saturday, December 29, 2012

ski trip recap

this past week was probably the most fun i've had all year! 
being sixteen is supposed to be fun, but mine was sub par to say the least 
 this ski trip was the best way to end my not so great 16 and start a fantastic 17! 

i went to beaver creek with my mom's side of the family and had a BLAST! i have one cousin that is a year older than me and one cousin that is a year younger (hey ellie and gabi ;) ) so we were able to be in the same ski school class! 
our trip was planned by our grandfather over the summer time so my cousins and i had a ton of time to imagine what kind of people would be in our ski school group.
we were really thinking one direction would be there, but unfortunately they didn't show up.

on our first day of ski school we had one other girl in our group. she was super super nice but she was 11. we weren't sure if we were bad skiers or if she was really good... 
we had so much fun skiing together and just being together, since my cousins and i don't live in the same town! 

the next day my two cousins that are my age went to ski school, but i decided to take the day off and relax, so i wouldn't get sick. 
(side note -- skiing is the most i've exerted myself in over a year!) 
everyone in my family went skiing on this day except for my grandparents so i just hung out with them. we went shopping in beaver creek village.
and when i say shopping i mean that we went into every single store. twice. 
i had so much fun with them, and all i bought was a fuzzy north face pullover that says beaver creek on the arm

the next day was my birthday! the big one. seven. 
i decided that i wanted to brave the fresh new snow and go back to ski school with my two cousins that are my age 
(second side note -- i have seven cousins in all plus my brother that went on the trip. all of my cousins are younger than me so they were in a different group, and my brother is also younger but he snow boards)
unfortunately, i only made it through half the day of ski school because i wasn't feeling too well. i thought i had altitude sickness at first, but i'm pretty sure that it was because i forgot to take my medicine with a big breakfast. 
but the half of the day that i went to ski school was super fun! it was just me, my two cousins, and three boys. one boy was taken out of our group though because he hadn't skied in a while. and the other two boys that stayed in the group were a pain. well one of them was a pain, the other one didn't really talk that much!
my cousins and i had an ongoing joke that the boy who got pulled out of our group was probably some super attractive guy but since we never got to see him without his ski gear we will never know. if any of y'all know a ryan from miami though
jokes jokes 
but the one that was a pain was an absolute nightmare. he complained about everything, and was just completely obnoxious. 
boys boys boys. 

the next day i decided that i wanted to stay in and not go to ski school, in case i got sick again. i also didn't want to hurt myself since the slopes were still super powder-y and i'm not that great of a skier! 
on this day (the last day) i decided to hang out in the condo for a little while and then i went down to the bottom of the mountain by myself and just take some pictures. 
i had so much fun hanging out with myself, since i never really am by myself at home. 
is that weird? i think that's weird. whatever.
after my hands started to get a little chilly from taking pictures i went back to the condo to hang out with my poor aunt who hurt her leg skiing the previous day. 
because my mom's side of the family is so large i never really get one on one time with my aunts and uncles so it was really nice having some quality "bonding time" with my aunt! 
then after my cousins were done with ski school i met them at the bottom of the slopes so we could go shopping together in the village! 
unfortunately the cousin that's older than me wasn't feeling so well so she decided to go back up to the condo after we had the best gelato ever! 
after my older cousin left the cousin a year younger than me and i walked around the village and took pictures of us with every statue and character (from the parade) we could find! 
we made great friends with the characters!! 

the next day we all took bus back to the airport where everyone, except my family, flew home. my family is staying in denver until january 7th because my dad works out here. we are probably going to move out here in the near future, which i'm super excited about because one of my all time best friends just moved out here! 

here are a few (kind of a lot - sorry)  pictures from the ski trip! 

this is my two cousins and i plus our ski instructor, ed. 

 the fam-jam
i feel like this would make an awesome christmas/new years card picture except for the fact that we got photo bombed. 

 these are the characters that my cousin and i made friends with
 we saw them probably ten times and we talked to them every time haha 
we call the guy on the right the present pine cone guy -- very fitting, right?
 how cool is this instrument?
the guy playing it was from germany i think, but he was absolutely HILARIOUS! 

 my two youngest girl cousins! 
this is one of my all time favorite photos of us together

i want to thank each and everyone of my guest posters! i really appreciate you helping me out while i was with minimal internet connection! 

what did you do over christmas?

thanks for reading! 


  1. that's so cool that your potentially moving to denver! i lived in colorado springs for three years and loved it! i never actually got the chance to go to beaver creek but i absolutely loved skiing breckenridge and vail! great post! :)


  2. It looks like you had such an awesome time! I've always wants to to on a skiing holiday - reading this has made me want to gol even more!