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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

trend spotting : socks

hey there! 

winter time is a time of coziness, and when it comes to dressing cute you still want to be cozy while staying on trend.
lately i have been seeing a lot of over the knee socks worn with boots, and i'm slightly in love! socks are a super easy accessory, and can surprisingly add a lot to an outfit. 

here's an example of a cute/cozy over the knee sock outfit : 

I've always loved socks peeking out of boots, but i've always been a little afraid of wearing over the knee socks! seeing these super cute pictures on pinterest, though, have definitely changed my opinion on over the knee socks! 
 i think they look fantastic both pulled all the way up or scrunched down where they are right at your knee. 

either way, socks are the best! here are some of my favorites lately : 

Where are your favorite socks from?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the socks crunched at the knee look! I am still looking for the perfect ones! I would a pair to match my beige knit popcorn sweater :) Love the way they look with hunter boots!


  2. I love the look of socks and boots...I have been looking everywhere for the perfect pair.