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Saturday, December 22, 2012

what makes christmas "christmas"

Hey Preppy Diaries readers!

I usually blog over at  {The Life and Times of Belle} but today I'm super excited to be guest posting for Chloe while she's off on her ski trip - the lucky thing! I'd love to go skiing - anyways before I go off point before I've started  - seeing as Christmas is literally just around the corner I thought I blog about what, in my mind, makes it Christmas...

Frosty weather... in the absence of snow I'll take take a heavy frost :P

being by the lake when it's all icy and frosty is just so beautiful...

... as is going to uni on such a gorgeous campus.

Fairy Lights

As much as I love fairy lights indoors I really love them outdoors - I love seeing peoples houses all decorated and lit up, brightening up the dark nights when I'm driving home :)

Christmas themed candy

when this stuff hits the shops (usually in November or whatever) I do start to get excited about Christmas!

Seeing the unveiling of the annual Christmas Harrods bear always puts me in a Christmas-y mood :)

I think this one is the cutest one yet! I can't wait to receive my little Chester bear :)

Holiday drinks (and cups) - pretty standard 

My fave is a mint hot chocolate - yum :) What's yours?

Christmas candles

These really help to set the scene for me Christmas-wise - Yankee ones are my brand of choice but I'd love to try some B&BW ones :)

Decorating the house for Christmas

Nothing makes a house feel more Christmas-y than putting up the Christmas decorations - in my opinion anyway :)



I love going out and finding the perfect gifts for my friends/family and then coming home, putting on some Christmas tunes and settling down to wrap them - it really puts me in the Christmas mood.
Side note: I love this idea of putting on photos of you and the recipient on the wrapping paper

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! I'd love if you would go on over to {my blog} and give it a read!

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