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Monday, January 28, 2013

latest obsession : stationary

we all have something that we are obsessed with.
something that even though we might have tons of, we buy more anyway because we are just too in love with it.
for me it's stripped tee shirts and stationary.

i can't even walk down the stationary aisle at target for fear that i might blow my life savings.
but that doesn't mean i can't browse etsy for stationary. 
that being said, i recently stumbled across naomi lynn's etsy shop.
she was sweet enough to send me two sets of stationary, and let me tell you, they are darling! 
not only are the colors super vibrant, but they are also very nice quality. 
i also love how the open portrait style, instead of landscape - how original!
the quality is great, the colors are great, and the price is great.
i mean what else could a girl ask for when it comes to stationary?    

the look of these cards a very professional, while still being cute.
 i can't wait to send thank you notes or even just hello notes to show off my new cards! 

go check out naomi's shop

thanks for reading!
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