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Sunday, February 24, 2013

born in the wrong generation

have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the 50s, 60s, or 70s?
what it would be like to live in a world of poodle skirts, bell bottoms, or just plain retro vibes?

i have.
countless times. 

1/ 2 / 3 / 4

i was about 8 when i saw Grease for the first time, and since then i've probably watched it 30 times. 
no joke. 
i love the songs, the characters, but most importantly i love the idea of the 50s. 
i like the idea of drive in movie theaters, cute little diners where the waitresses know all the high school students by name, and the idea of waiting by the home phone for a boy to call & no texting. 

it seems like such a magical time. although i do believe in women being strong and independent, i do believe that boys and men should hold a door open. i believe that they should pay for the meal (at least on the first few dates), and I think the 50s is the time where chivalry was at it's peak. 

sometimes when i can't sleep at night i just imagine what it would be like if i was living in the 50s right now. what i would be doing and what my friends would be like. 
weird i know, but the 50s just sound fabulous. 

what time period do you imagine yourself in?
are you a 50s girl like me?

thanks for reading
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  1. I agree - the fifties sound awesome. A drive-in movie, floats at a cute diner and impromptu jiving to jukebox tunes sounds like the perfect date to me! Great post :)

  2. This sounds very weird but I feel like I should have been born in the late 1700s- the time of Marie Antoinette.

  3. Join the club... I've been Skeeter from The Help for 3 years now ;)!

  4. I have always been a 50s girl :) {although I agree with women should be independent}

  5. The 50s sound like such a charming era - I could see myself in the 50s or maybe the 80s. The 80s just sound like a ton of fun!!


  6. I'm totally a 50s girl! I can't even deny that I'm a Suzy Homemaker at heart and love chivalry! but I do have my 60s moments haha