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Thursday, February 7, 2013

my life lately

hey everyone! 

i just wanted to update y'all on my life and what's been happening. 

 i apologize for the severe lack of posts lately! i've actually been doing a lot of school 
work - which is crazy;) - but it means that i've been more focused on school and the boring writing it brings than with the fun writing that comes with my blog! 
i don't schedule my blog posts in advance so if i'm busy with school then my blog is put on the back burner, so i apologize for that!! 

i just recently started a photography class & i'm having such a blast in it! last week's project was to take pictures using the fundamental rules of art, rule of thirds, negative space, etc.
this weeks project is to take a picture that has a story. we have complete freedom with this project so i have to really figure out what i want my photograph to show.
here's a compilation of last week's photos :

3. next week i'm going to denver and i'm super excited! my dad commutes from colorado to kentucky but next week i'm going to make the commute! I'm super excited, and since his apartment is right across the street from the mall - i'm even more excited ;) 

that's pretty much it for today!

what's been happening with your life lately?

thanks for reading! 
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