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Saturday, March 23, 2013

i like big books..

...and I can not lie

i've always been a reader. in elementary school i like to think i was best friends with the librarians, because i was there every chance i could get! i went through almost all of the books that were in the right reading level for me from first through fifth grade

i usually like to read right before i go to bed, but lately i haven't been reading before i go to sleep. 
i've been playing on twitter and instagram on my phone.
bad me.
 (mom, if you're reading this, i actually don't use my phone before bed..)

i think as of now my favorite books that i have read have been by john green.
he's pure genius. 
is there a word that sounds better than genius? if so then he's it.

that being said i have already read all of his books so i've been searching for new great reads. 
right now i'm reading "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" but it's obviously not literature. 
it's funny and it's lighthearted, but it's not my favorite - if we're being honest...

so that being said, let me know your all time favorite book/books 
or at least what you're reading right now! 

if you'd like to see my top five favorite book list, then let me know! 
thanks for reading! 
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  1. Hi Chloe! I love to read, too! Instead of trying to tell you all of my favorite books, I'm going to direct you over to my GoodReads accounting..it's like a pinterest for books! You can see the books I've read (and how I've rated them) and then books that I want to read!)


    xoxo, Rebecca

  2. the summer i turned pretty! its not for intellectual purposes, but an adorable summer story and its a trilogy