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Sunday, April 14, 2013

weekly update

i might start a little series where on sundays i will update you on the past week 
 that is if i have a busy week
which i usually don't have a busy/eventful week, so this might be a rare kind of post 

monday : 
this is terrible, but i honestly can't remember what i did on monday. like 100% mental block. i feel like i did something worth telling you all, but i literally can't remember. 

tuesday was a pretty fun day for my mom and I! we are going to be featured in a local magazine that will be featuring us because of PopCosmo. that being said, on tuesday we got to go to a local boutique to do a fitting before our photo shoot. i went with a black lacey dress that had a cut out on the upper stomach part. i was surprised that i liked the way it looked on me, because i never would've thought that i would like the cut-out trend on me. my mom went with a super cute pink tunic and white pants. we both chose toms wedges, which are actually very comfortable! 

today was the day of the photo shoot. it was super super fun, and they did our makeup and everything. let me tell you though, modeling is no easy job! we were literally posing and posing for three hours straight. don't get me wrong, it was awesome and very fun and exciting, but i have no ideas how models do that every single day! 
after the photo shoot i went to one of my neighbors house to talk about a conference/event that i would be speaking at on Thursday. 

today was the day that i spoke at the conference. it was called Mini We Day. here is a blurb from the website 
"We Day is an initiative of Free The Children, an international charity and educational partner that works with schools to implement the We Act program. Staging each We Day—now in eight cities across Canada, and growing—is a massive undertaking, which is made possible with the help of Free The Children’s partner, Me to We.  The social enterprise offers major logistics support, thousands of hours of volunteers and professional services—all part of its support and partnership with Free The Children. In addition, Me to We donates half of its profit to Free The Children, while the other half is reinvested to grow its social mission."
it was an awesome experience and i was so honored to be asked to speak at it! I even got the hear Spencer West speak, which was one of the most powerful and inspiring stories i have ever heard! 

today i'm played major catch up on all of the school work that i was unable to do this past week. online school is so awesome, because i am able to do all of the things that i mentioned above.  my mom and i ran errands later today - like grocery shop and return stuff at the mall. 
 oh also, i registered for my drivers test and i will be taking the test next wednesday! how crazy is that? i really need to start practicing my parallel parking hah

today my brother had a friends bat mitzvah service in the morning so my mom and i dropped him off and then went to run some errands. we even stopped by tj maxx which was pretty awesome, because it's kinda far away from my house. we didn't buy anything but it was fun to look. we also went to a farmers market which was fun, and there were a lot of samples ;)
saturday night my brother had a party so my mom and i dropped him off and then went to the mall. my dad commutes as some of you know and isn't able to come home some weekends, but he surprised my mom (i knew he was coming home this weekend) at the mall, and then we went out to dinner afterwards

today my family went to the park and ran and walked and just hung out. then we went out for lunch, and then just chilled at home. i had to go to a girls leadership (a local group that i'm part of) meeting and that's pretty much it

how was your week?
sorry this was a pictureless post, i'm lame that way

thanks for reading
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  1. For Monday.. Is it weird that this is a pretty common occurrence for me? And I actually mean ALL THE TIME. I think it's a sign that we've lived a great life already! xx

  2. I'm so jealous of your life haha! Homeschooling seems awesome and you get to do so many things the average high school girl doesn't get to do. :)