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Friday, June 14, 2013

gif like jiff peanut butter

hey everyone! 
i want to apologize for my blog being kinda lame lately...
i've been super powering through my school work so i can finish way before my official due date of August 31. i started my school work in november so that's why it's so late. 
and yes, that's a lame excuse, but it's the truth. if you want to read more interesting things then go check out popcosmo! that's where all the fun is anyway

anyway, i've done one of these gif posts before and it was pretty fun so i'm doing one again 
if you don't like this kind of post then i don't know what to tell you
so i'll just give you a gif instead...

1. when i am in the middle of doing something and then completely forget what i was doing 

2. for the flocks of boys that are interested (lol that's a joke), this one's for you

3. when my mom tells me she's going to pay for what i've picked out in a store 

4. a 20% off sale...

5. what my dance parties look like 

6. when i win $1 on a scratch off lottery ticket 

7. me, all the time 

 8. walking through the mall on the way to j.crew 

9. when someone asks if i have ever stalked them on fb 

 10. me, erryday 

thanks for reading! 
which gif do you relate to?

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  1. Oh my gosh Chloe....
    That's all I have to say....

    1. hahaha i hope it's a good thing that you have no words ;)

  2. I love this much more than I should.. good luck with the school work Chloe! You can do it! xxx


  3. Hahaha!Great post idea!


    P.S.-Be sure to check out my blog and follow!