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Saturday, June 8, 2013

take me to the beach

if you follow me on instagram and/or twitter, then you know that this past weekend i was in the big Florida.  some of you might also know that I used to live down there. 

that being said, my best friend in the entire world was graduating, and somehow i convinced my parents to let me go visit her and go to her graduation. (i'm still amazed that they let me go)
let me just tell you, this was THE best vacation i have ever been on! 
i really needed to get away from kentucky and be around my awesome best friends
it's amazing how close we still are even after almost four years of being separated! 

i had so much fun that i am going on a "no spending spree" until i have enough money to pay for myself to go back down there. i have to pay for the plane ticket and for all of my meals, plus any extra spending money i will need. my parents said that they aren't going to pay for me to go back down there, because i was literally just there - i completely understand though. but i had SO much fun that i want to stay there for a week and not just a long weekend...
saving this much money is going to be SUPER difficult for me, but i'm already half way there and i haven't even started my summer caddying job yet! (yes, i'm going to be a golf caddie this summer - woot woot)

here are a few of my favorite pictures from my trip 
(kind of a picture overload - sorry 'bout it)

*side note*
this july i'm going to a blog conference in Chicago and guess who else is going to be there??! 
i am beyond excited that i get to meet these two girlies that i can't even handle it. 
where you at july?! 

thanks for reading! 

are you saving up for anything big this summer?

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  1. BAHH I'm too excited to meet you!

  2. I really like the pictures you took at the beach! :)