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Monday, July 8, 2013

funny face

so as some of you might know, i'm awkward
not only am i awkward though, awkward things just seem to happen to me pretty often
that being said, i have yet another awkward story for ya

this past friday, my mom dad and i went to a local art fair (my brother was at lacrosse camp)
we had looked at pretty much every booth and by the time we were done we were absolutely starving
so we of course had to go eat at a restaurant  - duh ;)
so we had great food and i had lots of water which meant that i had to use the restroom
so i walked myself to the bathroom and peed and stuff and then as i was washing my hands this little two year old boy with his mom looked at me and said 
"what did you do in there" and he pointed to the stall
i replied "um, going to the bathroom"
he seemed satisfied by this answer so i continued to rinse the soap off of my hands 
i then looked at the boy while i was drying my hands off and smiled and he looked at me like i had bird poop smeared on my face and said 
"you have a funny face"
to which i replied 
"umm...." and glanced at the mom hoping she would apologize or something. 
but no. 
she looked at me. analyzed me. and said, 
"oh, you mean because of her sunburn. yeah I see what you mean."

umm pardon me?!? 
i then rolled my eyes because i don't come up with good comebacks until like five days later and stormed out of that bathroom. 

let me just clarify that i love kids. i think that they are adorable and cute and everything. but when a mom lets their two year old get away with saying something kind of offensive then i get curazay. 
so yeah. that happened. 
if you want to see what my sunburn looked like then please enjoy the picture below. laugh all ya want, but don't agree with your two year old that my face looks funny.
not cool crazy mom, not cool. 

p.s. i wasn't even making this face when the mom and kid told me i had a "funny face" 
cause this my friends is the definition of a funny face..

have a mom and two year old ever insulted you in the bathroom?
then tell me an awkward story so i can feel better about myself ;)
jokes jokes 

thanks for reading! 
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  1. Oh my goodness! That is crazy! I think it's hilarious, but totally not ok for a mom to let their child say something like that, much less AGREE WITH IT. Crazy people out there, I tell ya.
    Btw I get awful sunburns on my face all the time. My nose is always a touch pink with a splattering of freckles.

  2. I was babysitting and I was talking about how there wasn't iPads or iPhones when I was her age. She's going into 3rd grade {so she really didn't have the whole cute thing going for her either}.I was explaining the whole technology thing and she asked me when I was born. I answered her and she said "Really? I could've sworn the 1800's!" and I said why? and she responded "You look like it". Could've sworn it was a mistake but I'm not even sure :/

  3. Hahahaha I just died laughing that's so funny!!! I think the most embarrassing public bathroom story I have didn't involve little kids though. It was freshman year field hockey season, and my teammate and I really had to go pee but for some reason the girls bathroom closest to the field was locked. The boys, however, wasn't. So figuring we were safe because there weren't any boys sports teams around, we used the boys bathroom. No biggie. But apparently the varsity football practice had started while we were in there and this really hot senior football player walked into the boys bathroom as we were walking out... So ya. Pretty awk.

    Xoxo, Vina

  4. yikes!!! what strange mom. I know that the new parenting thing is to validate what your child says/thinks but that is just not cool. And you definitely don't have a funny face!

    ps - check out my awesome Jack Rogers giveaway!

  5. So not ok! Strange way of parenting.
    Before I lost some weight I was in a shop with headphones in but nothing playing and a four year old boy asked his dad why I was so big. The father proceeded to loudly say that 'she has clearly let herself go and chooses to be gross and fat'. I wanted to cry but was so mortified that I pretended I couldn't hear them. Why teach your child that it is ok to publicly pass judgement on strangers?
    Alex x