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the girl behind the blog

why hello there!
i'm chloe

let me just start by telling you that i have lived in pretty much every state in the south. i was born in alabama, then moved to tennessee, then moved back to another city in alabama,  then i moved to florida, and now i'm living in kentucky. 
no i'm not a military family, just one that has moved a lot! 
i absolutely love change, so moving is a lot of fun for me! 

in case you're wondering what i'm like in the real world, here's a little bit about my personality:
i'm super shy around new people, but once i get to know you i'm little miss chatter box. i'm kind of a freak, but in a super cool and chic way (that's a joke for you people that don't know how to read sarcasm). 
sometimes i wonder if i'm a grandma trapped in a teenagers body.
i'm basically a brunette version of cher from the movie clueless.

and here are a few things i'm obsessed with
-monograms (its turning into a problem)
-lilly pulitzer
-essie nail polish
-doris day
-real simple magazine (i'm a grandma)


  1. love this new section! were you in a photoshoot or something in that second picture? so cool!

    1. thank you!! i wish i was in a photoshoot, that would be awesome!! i was actually at a lady gaga concert, and there was a booth taking free pictures haha