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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

cupcake wars and fashion advice

cupcake wars:
today my brother and i thought it would be super fun if we made s'mores cupcakes together. since i was allowed to use the oven, we have always loved baking together! we have made a ton of different things, but our specialty is cake pops! i'd like to think we've gone pro in the cake pop industry. 
but for these cupcakes, we used betty crocker chocolate cake mix, and just followed the directions on the box. then we thought it would be genius to make marshmallow frosting, instead of putting the marshmallows into the cupcake itself (we did a few tester cupcakes with the marshmallows actually inside to see if we missed out. the marshmallows burned. we didn't miss out.). we used the first frosting recipe we found on google, but we probably should have chosen a different one because our icing ended up not having an flavor. i'm talking no flavor at all. it literally tasted like you're eating tasteless fluff. good fluff though. well as good as tasteless fluff gets... 
 here are some pictures from our day in the kitchen

that's my brother being a goofball in the bottom left corner
and in the bottom right corner you can see the burnt marshmallow inside the cupcake,  quality picture needless to say

fashion advice:
i need y'all to help me pick out an outfit! which of these would y'all wear to work? i need some input, so please comment below on which one is your favorite! 


this was my first picture, so sorry you can't see the whole outfit
i would wear a tank top under the shirt i just couldn't find a white or tan one! 

ignore the blue feet #lightingprobs

thanks so much for reading! if you want to know any details about each individual outfit just leave a comment


  1. I love #4. Not too dressy, not too casual. But all are super-cute.

  2. 2nd and 4th! Love those dresses and jacks! May I ask where you are working?

  3. I love two and four! They are great!

    Your cupcakes look delicious!