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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

style icons

lately i have been looking at a lot of fashion magazines, and every time i see a cute outfit i want to try to  copy it! even though i don't have a budget like many of the actresses and tv stars do, there are a ton of cheaper alternatives out there you just have to keep your eyes open! polyvore is a great tool for any blogger, because it allows you to make "sets" which can be outfits or really anything! i really suggest that you go check it out if you need a free styling software (i'm making it sound a lot more professional than it probably is).
anyways here are three of my favorite fashion icons outfits that i love, and cheaper alternatives to their very fashionable outfits!!

1. selena gomez. yes she's a disney star, and yes i like her outfits. every since she stared on wizards of waverly place, i have been obsessed with her outfits. selena gomez always looks put together in an "alternative prep" way. if that makes sense at all. i guess it's just that she dresses her age, without going over board.
view details here 
2. the olsen twins. i have loved the olsen twins since before i can remember. i was obsessed with full house and then when they were teenagers i watched every single one of their movies. and just recently i rented one from iTunes and fell in love with them again. they have such great style even though i won't wear what they wear, because it's out of my comfort zone. i do take some of their ideas and incorporate them into my own closet though!! 

view details here

3. last but certainly not least, kate middleton. i mean do i even have to say why i like her fashion so much? she is the epitome of classic. she is just a bundle of perfect. she is to prep as macaroni is to cheese. if i could choose someone to be best friends with/share a closet with/share a home with/be part of someone's family it would be kate middleton no questions asked. 
kate. middleton. is. per. fect.

view details here

thanks so much for reading! let me know who your style icon(s) are!


  1. Kate Middleton has amazing style. She always looks perfect!

  2. Kate Middleton! Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn are number 1 though!

  3. I totally agree with all your choices!! I love what the Olsen girls and Selena wear also, but only on them, haha. I remember being really obsessed with Alex Russo's style though when I was 10/11 so I tried to copy all her outfits. That did not turn out well...

  4. I LOVE Kate Middleton's style! It is so classic and easy to mix the Olsen twins style with it to add a twist!