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Friday, June 8, 2012

fill in the blank friday

i might be crazy for already posting twice in one day, but since i'm just starting out i think it would be great to do a link up! today's link up is called "fill in the blank friday", and it's with Lauren from The Little Things We Do.  this version is called "i blog because", here goes nothing..

i blog because i am a sixteen year old girl that's stuck in bed because i have mono.
i blog because i am a very disorganized person, and i want to be able to have all my thoughts in one place.
i blog because i think it'll be great to look back one day and remember who i was (cheesy, i know).
i blog because i think most everyone in the blogging network is super sweet, and it will be great to get to know new people.
i blog because i love all things preppy, and sharing my love for the preppy world is going to be just plain fun.
i blog because i have a website (popcosmo) with my mom, and there isn't enough room for me to post everything i want to say!
i blog because i love taking pictures, and i can't wait to share my photography with people other than my mom, dad, and brother.

thanks for reading!

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