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Saturday, June 9, 2012

diy high waisted shorts!

            hey ya'll! one of the biggest trends for the summer time is high waisted anything. many celebrities can be found wearing high waisted shorts and/or pants..

also, a new thing that a lot of people have started trying out more and more often is thrifting. personally i LOVE thrifting! it's like a scavenger hunt + shopping, which are two of my favorite pastimes;) within walking distance from my house is a thrift store and yesterday i went in for the first time ever. it was amazing! i racked up with two pairs of jeans (levis and calvin klein) and i also got a cute polka dot top straight from the 50's. i purposely got the jean shorts so that i could try the diy that our intern over at popcosmo tried, and the levi's that i got were perfect material for this diy, and they were only five dollars! here's a little tutorial i made to show you how to cut you'r own high waisted shorts and then how to fray the edges.

1. first things first, gather your supplies! what you'll need is a shoe box, a ruler, a buffer/sandpaper, a washable marker, a pencil, and scissors.
2. try on your jeans to figure out where you want to cut
3. mark with a pencil exactly where you prefer you shorts to end
4.meausre one inch below your preferred point and mark with the washable marker 

5. cut you first leg off and keep it as straight as possible
6. try on your shorts to make sure it's a good length
7. fold your jeans in half and cut the other leg following the guide of your first leg (confusing, i know)
8. try on your shorts again to make sure everything's perfect

(this section is optional)
9.put your jeans on a shoe box or hard surface, like so
10. use your buffer or sand paper and scrape the bottoms of your jeans
11. the finished product!! 
12. a $60 dollar pair from a store, all in all we saved $55 and they look almost the same! 


  1. aww those turned out so cute!! good job! :)

    love your blog xoxo

  2. Oh my--too cute! And I love that you can make them the length that you desire.

    Thanks for the fun post!