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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the breakfast of champions

i hate breakfast. i can't stand it. i know it's the most important meal of the day, and i am always hungry a few hours before lunch time, so of course i do eat breakfast, but the idea of it just makes me queasy. i don't eat eggs or omelets or anything super sweet in the morning like cinnamon rolls because they literally make me sick. i don't know why, but in the morning i always feel sick after i eat, so when i find something i like i stick to it until i don't like it anymore. i go through so many breakfast fads here are just a few of some of my most recent ones:
1. oatmeal -- and it had to be a certain brand otherwise i wouldn't eat it, it also had to be brown sugar flavor (i'm picky i know)
2. fruit -- raspberries, peaches, and grapefruit were my go to fruits
3. waffles -- just the ego's
4. bagels -- this is usually what i eat right after i start feeling bored by my other fads

most recently though, i have started a brand new go to breakfast. here's a peak into my morning...

 ok, first let me back track, my dad is a runner and he started eating these bars before he would work out and run, and he always tried to get me to try them but i didn't think they looked good so i didn't. but one day there was nothing to eat in the house except these bars so i tried one, and it was delicious!! so now every morning i eat one of these :

don't judge a book by it's cover -- i swear it doesn't taste like the poop it looks like

just a little obsessed 

for some reason though, these bars weren't enough to fill me up so i started eating cereal to go along with it. i HATE milk though, so i just it it dry (i'm weird i know). i found out about Oatmeal Squares, because one of my friends at school keeps a box of them in her locker to eat during our morning break and one day i tried them and fell in love! they are so good and since i'm not much of a cereal fan, i was very surprised to learn that i liked them!

i eat them by the handful

i am a huge starbucks fan! the thing that i order most often is a hot chai latte, but my mom doesn't let me go to starbucks that often because it is so expensive! so when i saw that Tazo made a chai latte mix, i HAD to try it! all you have to do is mix the chai into milk (i use vanilla flavored almond milk, because i don't like milk) and either heat it up or add ice. at starbucks i only order there hot chai, because i think their cold chai tastes like gross watered down mud (i'm exaggerating). but i really really like to make my own iced chai with Tazo's mix, and it's really refreshing in the morning especially during the summertime!

thanks for reading! let me know what you have for breakfast! 
xo chloe 


  1. I can't eat a lot of food items in the morning because it make my stomach sick, so I normally eat the same thing over and over. My most favorite is an eggo with peanut butter on top with sliced bananas and cinnamon sprinkled on the bananas = heaven!!

    1. oh wow that sounds amazing!! i might have to try that sometime in the near future!

  2. Yum! Thanks for the ideas! I actually just posted one too! Check it out!



    1. haha i took the pictures of my breakfast, and then right after i finished i saw your blog post!! great minds think alike;)

  3. Its funny that you don't like breakfast because breakfast is my favorite meal and I HATE lunch.