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Monday, June 11, 2012

Nail Polish Addict

hi my name's chloe and i'm addicted to nail polish
"hi chloe" 

if any of ya'll know where i can find a nail polish anonymous group please let me know, because i have a huge addiction to nail polish!! it's bad! i can't  walk into a cvs or walgreens with out looking at / buying the new collections that are out. the only thing is that I'm a penny pincher, so every time i buy a nail polish that is bad quality or that i just don't like the color of, i get so mad! so ya'll don't have to go through the torment of buying a bad nail polish i've swatched four polishes that i was wary of buying, and showed you all the coats that i applied! 
1. essie's ballet slippers -- this color is very very light, but i am in love with it! my go to nail color is light pink and i own at least four different light pink polishes. i was kind of hesitant to buy it because i wasn't sure how sheer it would show up, but i am happy with it! although it is very sheer, i think it is perfect for me because i don't always like to have a "flashy" color on my nails. 

first coat
second coat
third coat

2. OPI'S yodel me on my cell -- i received this polish as a gift, and i am so pleased with it! usually i wouldn't go for this polish, because like i said before i don't like "flashy" colors. this polish easily fits into my top five summer polishes though, because it is so beachy! i literally feel like a mermaid when i wear this polish, and it reminds me so much of the movie Aquamarine (if you haven't seen aquamarine, RENT IT NOW!! ). without further or due here are the swatches.. 

first coat
second coat

Sinful Color's snow me white -- i think white is one of the hardest colors to find that is actually opaque. in the bottle white nail polish always seems to look perfect so we end up buying it only to discover that it is sheerer than sheer. i was in need of a good white polish so i bough this sinful colors one a while back. i'm not sure if it's because it's old or if its just the actually polish, but it seems to have the consistency of WhiteOut (which is gloppy and crusty). although i don't like the consistency, the polish went on really opaque, even just on the first coat!

one and only coat

sinful colors pink-- neon nails are also a hard thing to purchase with out previously trying it out before. neon colors always look so vibrant in the bottle, and then when you go to put them on your nails it seems so much more washed out and see-through. i have been trying to find the perfect neon, and people always say to put a white coat under you nails before using a neon color. i decided to try it out and this is what it turned out like… 

first coat with white base
second coat with white base
one coat without white base

i was so shocked with the color when i applied the pink over the white base!! 

thanks so much for reading! i hoped this help you with your nail polish collection, and let me know if you would like to see more swatches in the future!! 


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    1. thank you very much!! absolutely, your blog is very cute!!