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Sunday, June 10, 2012

top five books

this summer and at the end of the last school year, i went a little crazy with the reading. i recently got a kindle, and having books available at the push of a button without seeing my money actually come out of my wallet is a dangerous thing for me. i absolutely love reading and i think it’s way better than watching tv! first of all, there are no commercials and second i always seem to forget my worries when i’m reading way easier than when i’m watching tv. don’t get me wrong though, i do love tv shows especially real housewives of orange county, dance moms, the bachelorette, and the ellen show, just to name a few... but since i’ve been reading so much, i though i would share some of my newest reads. here they are in no particular order --

1. american wife: a novel by curtis sittenfeld this is what i’m currently reading, and i absolutely love it! supposedly its about laura bush’s life from when she was younger all the way until she is older. the characters in this book are great and i’m in love with alice’s(the main character) grandmother, she's a hoot. i think this book would make a great pool or beach read, because it’s very easy to forget everything else while reading it. do note though, that it seems to be very long! usually i can finish a book in on or two nights (i have mono, therefor lots of free time;) ) but i'm already on day four of this book.

2. bossypants by tina fey: oh my gosh, i love this book! tina fey is one of my newest idols (i have so many idols i could write a whole post about them!). this book is hilarious, but it also shows how nothing worth having comes easy. i think in today’s day in age we (mostly teenagers) forget how hard famous people (excluding some, like the kardashians) had to work to become who they are today. although it had a serious message, it was a great read! 

3. spying in high heels (the high heels mysteries) by gemma halliday:  i am in love with this series! the main character reminds me a lot of myself, because she is so ditzy but tries so hard to be serious or at least taken seriously (in a good way haha). this book has just the right amount of mystery and just the right amount of romance, making it too a great read! the best part about this book is that there are about ten in the series, so these could last you a good chunk of the summer. so far i have read four of them, and they are all equally as good. usually longer series tend to get worse and worse as you get down the line, but i love these. and the best part is that i’m pretty sure the first one is free from the kindle store! 

4. the selection by kier a case : if you are a fan of the hunger games, i totally recommend this book! it’s basically the perfect blend of the bachelor and the hunger games. what a great combo!! basically a girl is in love with a boy from her home town, but the prince of the kingdom is looking for a wife, and the girl qualifies to compete for the prince’s love, along with 30-ish other girls. she then starts to fall in love with the prince, even though she promised her man back home that nothing would happen between her and the prince. ahh so good, definitely a must read!!! also, i’m almost positive this series is turning into a tv show! check out a more in depth review at popcosmo!

5. looking for alaska by john green : people had been telling me for the longest time that john green was an amazing author. usually when people tell me       that i HAVE to read a book, i always get hesitant (i think i blame the twilight series--i’m not a fan). anyways, i was bored and didn’t know what to read to so i purchased this book. all i have to say is that it is by far one of my favorite books, and i will forever tell people to read it. not only is this book amazing, but so are all of john green's other books! read them, i beg of you!! you HAVE to read this book--call me a hypocrite..

if you are craving more book reviews you can find some great ones here here here and here!!if you have read any of these books, or have any recommend any other books that i should read then please let me know!! thanks for reading! xo chloe


  1. I definitely think I'm gonna check out The Selection after reading your recommendation! I've already finished 1 of the 3 books I was planning on reading this summer so I have a feeling I'm gonna need a few more!


  2. Tina Fey's book is hilarious! I love her. Can't wait to check out the rest of your list!

    Such a cute blog!