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Friday, June 15, 2012

the shaving klutz

one thing you should know about me is that i'm a klutz. in fact, i am the klutziest of klutzes. i literally can't walk outside of my bedroom without tripping or hitting on of my arms or legs on something. i can't even begin to share the stories of my klutzy moments, but when something really embarrassing happens, i will be sure to blog about it so you can be the first to know;)

any who, when it comes to razors i have to be very careful because of the so called problem mentioned above. once, when my parents were at a party and my brother and i were home alone, i managed to pretty much slice my entire calf off. i am exaggerating (a little bit) but it was really bad. there was blood everywhere and i felt like i was going to pass out; the rest of the night my brother had to take care of me because i literally thought my leg was going to have to be amputated. i had to wear two huge band-aids on my leg for the next two weeks, and when people at school asked what happened i didn't even have a good story for them. i guess i could've come up with a good story, like "i was in a shark cage in south africa and the shark got a little too close.." or "i was babysitting and duck duck goose got a little intense, who knew carpet burn could be so bad...". but no, all i had was "i was shaving..".

since the shaving the calf accident, i have been very careful when it comes to shaving, and only shave when absolutely necessary (classy, i know). i now would like to call myself a pro shaver, and i would also like to share my tips with you! 

- shaving cream is not the way to go. (unless you have found one that works well for you) i find that the  best non-shaving cream is conditioner, and even better yet the two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. i have no idea why conditioner works better for me, but i think that the shaving cream i was using was too thick and i would press down too hard, but who knows.

- this is the best razor, again i'm not quite sure why, but if you are in search of a good razor then this a must try!! 

-wash your legs with soap AFTER you shave your legs. i find that most bar soaps tend to dry out your legs (it my just be me though), and then it's harder to shave

i hope this helped (even though i "don't know why" everything works better ha!) and let me know if you have any shaving tips you would like to share with me!! 


  1. ugh once (the day before camp) i cut literally half my leg and it was bleeding for an hour! i had a scar for weeks :( thanks so much for the advice!

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  2. i always have this same problem! of course, right when i'm getting ready to go out, i slice my leg open and have to cover myself with bandaids! at least i never run out of bandaids... always prepared.

    www.fooddiaryproject.blogspot.com :)

    1. yes, band-aids are a must have! i always find myself buying cute ones so whatever outfit i have on, they can somewhat match haha!