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Monday, June 18, 2012

i idolize you

i mentioned in one of my earlier posts that i have a ton of idols. my idols range from people like zooey deschanel to audrey hepburn. i think the reason i have so many idols is because i like having someone that i can look up to, and when i need fashion advice or quotes to look at i can just hit up google and find out everything that i want to know about them. don't get me wrong though, i have many idols who aren't famous, and maybe i'll do a post on them at another time, but for now i'm going to stick with the famous ones!! and for now i'm just going to stick with my top five girls, because if i did all of them you would literally loose interest by the time i got halfway through;)

1. zooey deschanel. i mean come on, she's gorgeous and goofy and i love to see what she wears! also, i'm obsessed with new girl, which is how my obsession started. even though she's probably not like her character jess at all, i still love jess as well. so it's kind of a two in one idol thing going here. jess and zooey. one of the main reason's i love jess so much is because she's a school teacher and i want to be a school teacher. haha ok this is really cheesy, but i swear i'm speaking from the heart here;) also, zooey was in the movie Elf which is one of my all time favorite movies.

2. audrey hepburn. first of all can we just admire her. she's glamourous and just ugh i wish i was her! i think i was reincarnated from the 50's, because i love all things classic. pearls? yes. poodle skirts? yes. keds? yes, i have a pink pair. audrey? yes. 
she's one of the best actresses of all times, and she's one of the few people who has won academy, emmy, tony, and grammy awards! seriously, woah. 
i honestly can't even describe how much i love her, but for as long as i can remember i have always been fascinated by her pictures (even before i knew who she was). all in all, one of my biggest idols. 

3. tina fey. i recently finished tina fey's book Bossypants, and this is where my love of her formed. i love that she started out just like me, and worked her booty off to be where she is today. i like how she's authentic and doesn't take herself as seriously as a lot of famous people do. also, not to mention she's one of the funniest people i have ever met/authors i have had the honor to read. i love looking at old youtube videos of her from when she was on snl. gosh she's just great.

4. ellen degeneres. i've been sick for over a year (post about this coming soon) and the highlight of my day while i am sick is the ellen show at 4pm. 
yes i am a religious watcher and no i don't care what you think about it. 
ellen is amazing. she gives back so much to the world and to the people that it's hard not to like her. also, her show is hilarious. i love all her not so random segments and her dance dares. i could go on and on about why i like her so much, but instead i'll just show you four pictures. 
oh p.s. if you haven't watched the ellen show before, you're not allowed to read my blog again until you either look up segments on youtube or find an airing on your tv. 
i'm only kidding.
sort of. 

5. last but certainly not least we have jenna marbles. if you've never heard of her before go to youtube right now and search jenna marbles. if you're too lazy to do that then click HERE. seriously though, she's hilarious. whenever i've had a rough day or just mad at the world or something i watch jenna marbles videos. everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious. also, like tina fey she started out just like you and me. she just started making youtube videos one day and now she's one of the top most subscribed people on youtube. how crazy is that? although i do admit she's inappropriate, she is still hilarious. also there is a teens react video on here HERE. it's funny. you should watch it. 

all in all, these are my top five girl idols in no particular order. they are all great, and i idolize them all for different reasons. i hope that this post opened you up to some new people, and that you can add one or two of them to you list of people you idolize! 
thanks for reading! 


  1. I just learned something new about you :)

  2. I love Zooey Deschanel, Ellen, and Audrey Hepburn, don't know much about Tina Fey, and sorry but I find Jenna Marbles a bit offensive and not someone you would idolize!

    1. yeah, i agree that jenna marbles can be offensive, but the reason i "idolize" her is because she can always put a smile on my face, without fail.