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Thursday, July 12, 2012

gold star for me --> i made something from pinterest

i have 92 pins on my "getting crafty board on pinterest. ninety two. that's a lot of craft projects. but guess what y'all?! i actually finally made something! i officially earned my first pinterest gold star. you have no idea how great it feels to actually have made something that i thought was cool. so now i'm cool. pinterest cool.

i'm also weird. blog weird. 

moving on..

i made a t-shirt head band from one of my old and hole-y tie dyed tshirts! the finished product looks super cute, not to brag or anything;) 

at first i was going to do a tutorial on how to make a tshirt headband, but it turns out that i can't do a five strand braid. i had to get my brother to help me. my younger brother to be exact. so i'll show you how i started out, but once i get to the actual making of the head band i kind of gave up on taking pictures. 

so grab a little brother, and get crafting!! 

gather supplies! 
all you need is a tshirt, scissors, a hot glue gun, and i used some makeup that i never use to mark where to cut. 
i just measured the shirt to the length of the scissors, and then marked with the makeup.

next, you cut along your marks, and then cut the shirt so that you have long strips instead of loops.
then, because i can't sew i just hot glued all the pieces together. 
once you have them all glued together you begin your five strand braid.

here's the finished product! 
the reason i'm not showing my face, is because the picture was taken from a weird angle and my nose looks abnormally large.
and because all the focus needs to be on the headband;)

oh and when i connected the headband at the end, i literally hot clued the sides together. so if you can sew, i totally recommend sewing the sides together! 

if this was literally no help at all, HERE is the link to the website that i used!

have you made anything from pinterest, if so what have you made?
thanks for reading!

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