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Friday, July 20, 2012

jacob latimore

hey ya'll! yesterday my mom and i went to cover the Mindless Behavior concert in my hometown! well technically we were covering jacob latimore. and omg he is amazing! he was one of the opening acts for mindless behavior and we seriously think he is going to be huge! not only does he sing, but he is an AMAZING dancer and he also acts! if you want to see the interview and some of the pictures i took of him during his performance then click here. jacob is honestly one of the most down to earth and sweetest people, and i hope that he gets to live his dream and become a huge popstar! 
so yesterday after the concert my mom and i went back to our house to write the article about jacob and get the pictures downloaded and edited. as soon as we got home though, we realized that our power was out. no power means no internet, no light, and no air conditioning. so we hauled ourselves back into the car and headed out to the local coffee shop to get the article written! 
when i was at the coffee shop, i felt so official. just doing my thang blogging and such. usually in the movies they perceive bloggers as the type of people that take their laptop to computers and blog, so i just felt so cool;) 

anyway, here's my outfit and me with jacob! 

sorry its blurry! 
my dress is from top shop and my shoes are from the brand cooie 
ignore my awkward posture

this is his song called "nothing on me"

thanks for reading! 


  1. OMG I just saw a commercial that said they are coming to Milwaukee! I didn't know who they were until I read your post:)

    1. ahh that's awesome! jacob latimore is just one of the opening acts, but i think he is going to be HUGE so if tickets aren't too expensive i totally recommend going to see him so you can say "i saw him when..." ;)

    2. haha i'll see if i can snag some!

  2. That leopard dress is so cute! I love it!