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Sunday, July 22, 2012

feelin' crafty & no skill

i'm an obsessive pinner. if you follow me on pinterest, you probably want to unfollow me (but don't actually) because i literally am the only thing you see on your news feed. to my defense though, everything i pin is either a super cute thing, a super genius idea, or a killer way to decorate your house. so i mean it's not that bad of a thing. i think.

anyway, today i was doing my daily pinterest scan and i saw this super cool project with milk, food coloring, and soap. i happen to have all three things, and decided that i was going to conquer a pinterest craft. this craft was the best two seconds of my day. it literally took two seconds to "make", and then after i made it. i think looking at other people picture's is cooler, but if you are in need of wasting two seconds of your day then definitely conquer this pinterest idea. here is the pin that i used, and here is how mine turned out.. 
maybe if you put some special type of paper on top, then it would transfer. but i am just thinking out loud here. 

soy milk works;)

my brother helped me with this project, and once our fun was done he suggested that we bake cookies. lately i haven't been the best baker, so i let him do most of the work. i probably should've supervised because i think he added an extra tablespoon of salt, and an extra handful of cinnamon. needless to say this was a major pinterest fail. these cookies were hands down the worst tasting things. i definitely don't blame the recipe, it was for sure a user error. 
my brother said that we could sell them, because the people who would buy them would only know how gross they are after they hand their hard earned money over.
i told him that we'd probably get sued.
he agreed.
on the bright side, i think the raccoons will like them.
if you would like to have a chance to show me how bad of a baker i am, and try to perfect this cookie, then here's the link. 

they didn't even turn out round, and we meticulously rolled them into perfect little balls. 
what a shame. and waste of time.

yesterday, i saw this pin where someone folded a five dollar bill, and found the hidden stack of pancakes. i don't know whether to blame my naivety or just call myself stupid, but i actually thought this was possible. so, right after i saw the pin i googled "how to make a five dollar bill into a pancake". unfortunately what i was looking for didn't show up. i then googled "how to fold a five dollar bill to see a stack of pancakes". i then found out that you can't actually fold a five dollar bill to see a stack of pancakes, and someone with photoshop and a deceiving mind tricked a lot of pinterest users. or maybe they just tricked me, i'm not sure.
to make myself seem less stupid, i then googled "how to turn a one dollar bill into a shirt". then i followed the instructions from the first link and folded a dollar bill to look like a shirt. it didn't quite work as well as i had planned, but i now can whip out some bad amazing dolla dolla bill origami next time i want to get myself out of an awkward situation.
or get myself into an awkward situation.
that is still to be determined. 

i'd rather not show what it's supposed to look like, you
can just look in your closet and compare it to one of you shirts.
apples and oranges you say?
too bad.   

i think from now on i'll just look at pinterest, and repin everything that i think i can do but actually can't. i'll just tell myself the reason i'm not actually doing anything i see on pinterest is because i'm way too busy watching tv & looking at pinterest  to complete anything.

are you as bad at crafting as i am?
or are you the type of person i'm jealous of, because you have mad crafting skill?

thanks for reading!!


  1. those cookies look delish :) very cute blog :)


  2. Hahaha I love the voice you put into every post- it makes them so fun to read!

    Xoxo Frannie

    1. aww you're too sweet! thank you!!