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Thursday, July 5, 2012

lotsa lobsta

it seems lately that every where i turn i see lobsters. whether it be on a t-shirt or on a bracelet, they are every where. now don't get me wrong, i'm definitely not complaining. in fact, i'm kind of in love with this lobster trend. i think it is the epitome of preppy and reminds me of everything nantucket (although i've never been ha!). i think lobsters are just super cute, but it a touch punk kind of way. i might now be making any sense, but just hear me out. one of the main reasons i like them is because they are bright red, which makes them classy just like red nail polish. and another reason i like them is because they taste good, my mouth is literally watering while i type this...

now that we've come to the conclusion that i'm a little on the crazy side, here are a few of my latest lobster finds that i'm loving

 this lobster bracelet from j.crew is actually from the boy's section, but who cares, especially since it's only $10.50. a j.crew steal in my book. and it comes in two other colors, but like i said before red is classy. 
find this bracelet here

toms are one of the most comfortable shoes around, and you're also helping people in need when you buy then which is pretty much the greatest combination. so when i found these to-die-for toms, i knew i had to show y'all! 

find these shoes here

i am obsessed with stationary lately, and these definitely fit in with my "buds". taste "buds" and "bud"get.
 that was a corny joke and i'm aware of it. 
moving on..

find this stationary here

i only have one lobster thing in my closet right now, and it is a shirt from the j.crew factory store that i got over spring break. unfortunately i can't find it on the website, and i got it while on a road trip so i'm not sure if it's even still in stores but it is super cute even though the lobster is orange and not red;) 
and unfortunately, the shirt's in the dirty clothes right now so i'll have to add a picture in a little bit later, but be sure to check back! 

thanks for reading! 
are you liking the lobster trend?

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