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Friday, August 24, 2012

1st week of school recap


i am so relieved that my first week of school is over! it was probably the longest week ever, and it was super hard to wake up in the mornings. i honestly don't think it's natural  to wake up before the sun rises, but i guess the school board doesn't understand;)

i've had a lot ore homework than i expected, but my planner is literally my best friend. last year i didn't use one, and i just don't understand how i got through the year without using it! i might write a post about how i organize it (would you be interested in seeing that??)

as most of y'all know i'm repeating sophomore year, and even though the first day was kind of hard i feel like i belong with my new classmates. it might sound cheesy, but it's true! i feel like the girls are much nicer, and we have a lot more in common so it has all worked out for the best! 

also, i'm in college now! well technically i'm not, but i'm going to be taking an online class for digital art. i'm soo excited, because digital art really comes easily to me but i just don't have the knowledge of all the possibilities that are out there. i can't wait to share with y'all what i learn, and i know that it'll be awesome! 

my acceptance letter!
go cards!!

oh funny story -- my mom told me that i should go to the football games and sit in the student section. alone. with shirt that said "virtual school" on it. hahah


i want to let y'all know that i am in love with giving people advice. whether it be something generic like   what books i recommend, or more personal like how i would deal with "mean girls", or advice on what to wear to a certain event please don't hesitate to ask me! you can always email me at  
preppydiaries@gmail.com , or if you want to stay anonymous then you can hop on over to my tumblr and go to the "message" section and click anonymous! 
seriously, i'd love to help y'all out with whatever you need! 

also, tonight my mom and i went out for a celebratory end of the first week of school dinner at california pizza kitchen. the reason we went there is because they have a gluten free menu. 
well at least i thought they did.
it turns out they don't have that menu any more. 
so anyways, i ordered a caesar salad with no croutons, and my mom ordered a thai salad with the dressing on the side. 
when the waiter brought our food out the first thing he said was "i see some mistakes here, let me take these back to the kitchen"
long story short, we got our dinner for free! 
how exciting is that?

do y'all have any post requests? 
how was your week at school?

thanks for reading! 


  1. I start school on the 27th... Yay :)


    1. oh wow you're lucky! good luck next week!

  2. I don't start school until the fourth! I agree that it's so much fun to give advice, but also helpful to gets it from people online. :)


    1. oh wow, you're soo lucky!! and yeah, it's nice to get advice from someone who is completely removed from a situation, so you can get a new prospective!

  3. I started school Wednesday.... and last night we had the Back to School dance where our senior buddies dressed us up in embarrassing things.... See my blog for more details!

    1. i just read your blog post, and it seems like you had a great start to high school!! can't wait to see pictures from your dance:)