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Saturday, August 25, 2012

my planner = my bible

last year i didn't use a planner, and i am honestly appalled by myself. i just don't understand how i managed not to forget important due dates and which classes i had homework in! 
this year, i don't know what i would do without my planner and i literally take it everywhere with me. it's like my baby, and if you touch it mama bear will get you. 
because i'm an organized person, i find it weird how organized i'm keeping my planner so i want to share with y'all what i do. it might be boring for some of you because you might be pro planner organizers, but if you are like me last year then i really want to make sure you listen to me and use a planner! last year i thought it was a pain to have to write everything down and keep up with a planner, but honestly its one of the easiest things, and when school starts getting really hectic it'll be important! 

so here's how i'm using my planner...

i'm using the time.mine planner. i absolutely love the lilly pulitzer ones, but can't justify paying $30 for the larger one. i think the time.mine is just as cute and it's only $14! win win situation in my book. 

here's an overview of my first week. as you can see on tuesday and wednesday i was still figuring out how i wanted to organized things, but i figured out a great system for me!
my schedule changes each day, so at the beginning of the week i'm going to write down my classes in order in my planner. that way when i pull it out to write something down it's the next one on my list! then i write my home work in a different color, so there is some order on the page.
then when i get home and have completed my homework i highlight it to know that i'm finished.
the reason i highlight instead of crossing it off is in case i need to look back and see what i did (and because it looks cute) !
oh, and i definitely recommend sticky noting the page you're on so that you can easily turn to the week, without having to flip through the whole planner! 

here is a close up of how the system works!
p.s. on thursday i left the "study for quiz" un-highlited so that when i would glance back i would know to keep reviewing for the math quiz i had the next day! 

on the left is a close up on how i write my subjects! sorry if that seems condescending ..
on the right is how i organize my quizzes and tests. i write when i have a test/quiz on the side of planner next to the day it is. i also write "study for quiz/test" the nights leading up to the actual due date.
i have been babysitting a ton lately, so i also write who i'm babysitting and what time in the margin of the actual date!

time.mine has a few other cover options if you are interested! definitely go check their website out here!! i totally recommend their planners, especially if you want the cuteness of lilly without the price tag!

what planner do you use?
how do you organize your planner?

thanks for reading!

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