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Thursday, August 30, 2012

how to stay fresh during school

when i'm at school, i want to be focused on what i'm learning in class (and the latest gossip, but that's not as important) without having to worry if my breath smells bad, if i smell bad, or if i have enough money to buy a snack at the store during break. i have come up with a fool proof process that will guarantee that i never have to worry about anything beside acing my next test! 

first of all, i have the super cute ItzyRitzy snack pack in Whale Watching Pink
(umm, can you say adorable?)
obviously they're not my pictures, but you get the idea!

i put all of my important stuff into my bag, so that I can easily find everything in my very unorganized backpack!

and here is what i keep in it:

1. an extra pair of earrings. for some reason when i'm not wearing earrings thats all i can focus on. i hate not wearing earrings, but if i forget i always have a backup pair! make sure that the pair you keep in your emergency pack aren't expensive though! 

2. a pencil or pen. don't ever be the person that has to ask to borrow a pen or pencil, especially before you take a test! 

3. tampons. these are essential if you're a girl! it's always bad enough when you start your period at school, so make sure you have something to help you out when it happens! 

4. mints. oh my gosh mints are literally my life saver (hehe get it?) at school, because i hate having bad breath! also, mints are said to help improve your thinking skills which is always a good thing in my book! 

5. extra money. if you ever get hungry throughout the day or need to pay for something random its good to always have a little bit of cash! make sure you only have about five dollars and not your life savings incase your emergency pack is stollen! 

6. and of course perfume. i can't stand that feeling when i'm not sure if i smell bad or not, so i carry around a roller ball perfume. its easy to apply without screaming "HEY EVERYONE I'M PUTTING ON PERFUME DURING SCHOOL" because the bottle just looks like a little pen or something! 

hope this helped!! 

what do you make sure you always have at school? 

thanks for reading! 

p.s. let me know what topic you like reading about the most or would like to see more of in the future! (fashion, beauty, personal, lifestyle) i've been feeling a little un-inspired lately and need your help! 


  1. great ideas! I will have to do this now! I love your personal fashion (ootd's!) and reading about your life :)

    1. thanks so much for the feedback!!

  2. Haha I have an "emergency pack" for school just like this. :) I really like reading about the personal parts of your life! I also like the ootds. Maybe you could try talking about hair/makeup since you haven't done it too often!

    1. ahh great minds think alike;)
      thanks for the feedback, i'll definitely keep it in mind! and check back soon i have a makeup story in mind

  3. I love that little pouch! And I all of those items are total essentials!