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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

nails are the best accessory

when a new season approaches, i always find myself googling the nail trends for that season! i only seem to find the rinky-dink sites that say "neon puke is the hottest color for fall". obviously i don't want to wear neon puke on my nails, and i would hate for more lazy people like me to search really hard just to find what the latest nail trends are for this fall! i've put together a little set of what i think the biggest nail trends this fall are going to be! i can't wait to go out and buy new polishes for my every growing collection! 

1. turquoise by bobbie brown -- even though this is a brighter color, i really think turquoise is going to be a biggie for fall! it's a little throwback for the summer shoreline. 
2.  deborah lippmann's boom boom pow -- first of all the name is adorable! gold is going to be hot hot hot, because it matches the fall leaves, and it also matches what i always imagine the moon to look like on warm fall nights! also, it's a big college color so be sure to wear this one on game day! 
3. YSL's blue cobalt -- i think navy is always a big fall/winter color because it's really dark without having to go black. it's also the unlimited prep color,  you can never go wrong with navy!
4. essie's ballet slippers -- light pink polish is my go to for any season, because it always matches what you're wearing. i think it's perfect for fall, because it's so feminine and cute while your clothes might be looking a little bit less dainty.
5. ulta's una concrete grey -- concrete grey is definitely going to be a hot color! i think it's a little bit edgy without going overboard! there are also so many different types of grey which can be used in this category as well! i even think a grey based purple could work into the fall time, because it puts a little twist on the plain grey. 
6. butter london's cash pack -- cocoa-ish browns are also a big fall color. i think they're big because they remind us of football and hot chocolate/coffee which are both religiously used in the south during the fall/winter time. i think light brown is adorable and can be very feminine even though it's a more "manly" color. 

i hope this helped, and if you have any other colors that you think are going to be hot this fall, then let me know!!

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 thanks for reading! 


  1. I have the essie Ballet Slippers and I love it! Such a great color!

  2. I love love love that Butter London colour - so pretty! Great post :)

  3. Love the YSL color.


  4. The Butter London is so pretty.
    Would you like to follow each other if so here is my blog.

  5. Love all these colors!! I will definitely keep this in mind!

  6. blues and brownish shades are definitely my favorite nail colors for fall.