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Monday, August 6, 2012

inspiration book

have you ever been in the mood where you just feel inspired to make or do something? i have, and usually it comes right after i've been scrolling through pinterest or tumblr for hours on end! i bought a little black book that isn't lined a few months back, so that i could draw any doodles or thoughts that i had! i absolutely love drawing, and even if you don't think you're that great at it (i'm not that great!), i totally recommend buying a little book to write quotes or doodles in! i always seem to find myself drawing in it when i'm down in the dumps about something, or when i'm just bored out of my mind! 
here are a few of my pages. 
and sorry the quality isn't that great, i blame my iPhone and not my shaky hand! 

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thanks for reading! 


  1. Your last drawing is so cute.
    I keep an inspiration notebook as well.


  2. i love all your quotes & doodles! i wanna start an inspiration book now!