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Friday, August 3, 2012

personalization is the key to success

hey everyone! school starts in three weeks for me and i get my schedule tomorrow! i can' believe how fast this summer went by, and even though i say that every summer i truly mean it this time! with that being said i think its definitely time to do a little back to school must have haul type thing! i absolutely LOVE going back to school shopping (but then again who doesn't), but i always seem to forget the fun stuff when i'm at staples. i get my notebooks, cute binders, pens, pencils all the typical stuff, but who wants to be typical. i go to a school with a strict uniform (picture plaid green kilts and collared shirts) so i'll do anything to change up the usual. so i guess i'll do the list by category, and see how this post works from there!
*i'll post pictures later, but i'm too lazy to get out of bed now;)*

numba uno -- backpack
i was a new kid freshman year (as in new in the state), and i knew absolutely nobody. since i didn't know anybody, i didn't know what kind of backpacks were the "standard". i just happened to get an ll.bean backpack, and it turns out pretty much everyone in the school uses the same backpack! luckily there are a ton of different colors of ll.bean backpacks so there weren't too many mix-ups, but a couple girls in my grade did have the same color. at my school we have an honor code so we are allowed to leave our backpacks laying in the hallways without worrying that someone will steal something. that being said i may have picked up the wrong backpack. i only did it once and realized that it wasn't mine the second i picked it up, but it was enough to show me that i needed something special on my backpack! i decided to tie a really cute hot pink bow onto the strap of mine, and this summer i picked up an iron-on decal with a C on it (my first initial). so if you want to make your backpack a little more personalized the here's the list
--cute ribbon
--iron on decal (there are thousands of choices at hobby lobby and joanne's. i got mine for potter barn kids)
--sharpies! (some girls at my school write their favorite quotes or lyrics on the armhole/handle or back of their backpacks)

numero dos -- computer
i don't know if it's just my school, but we are allowed to take our laptops to some classes and take notes, if we are working on a paper in the class then we can take it, or if we are in a study hall we are allowed to have our own computers. since a ton of people have the silver macs, its really important to make sure you (and other people) know that your computer is yours. i personally have a spec case shell, and its great especially since i put my laptop in my backpack! i also recommend getting a soft case with a zipper to put your computer in! 
here's the list
--spec case
--soft case
--stickers (you might want to use stickers to put your name/initials on your spec case, it's cute and you can scrape them off if you need to in the future)

last but not least numero tres -- pencil pouch
i'm a pouch/case collector. whether it be makeup cases, coin purses, or really any small pouch i'm obsessed! my freshman year i went through probably five different pencil pouches! i love them so much, but get bored of the same one too fast! the one i'm using now though has lasted me over a year so i'm sticking with it! i use pencil pouches because i always get nervous that i won't have a "good" pen to write with during a test, and will therefor fail miserably. call me weird but it works! i'm always the girl that has a pencil or pen ready for borrowing!  right now i'm using a victoria's secret cosmetic case and i love it! it has lasted a really long time, and it's adorable! 
here's the list
--cute cosmetic pouch (you can find cute ones at local boutiques, victoria's secret/pink, department stores, and sephora)

i hope this helped! let me know if you have any great personalized staples for back to school! 
thanks for reading! 

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