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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

weekend recap -- bro's bar mitzvah weekend

this past weekend was my brother's bar mitzvah weekend! we had all our family come in town to celebrate the festivities, and i had a great time seeing everyone! today i'm going to show y'all a little photo recap, because there was SO much going on that i would have to write a novel to share everything with you and by the time you finished reading it your eyes would hurt and you would never come back to read my posts (which neither of us would appreciate) 

instead of a novel of words, i'm going to give you a novel of pictures -- 
(warning, my cheetah dress makes it's debut in a lot of these pictures) 

friday morning my mom and i walked over to the nail salon. i got a manicure with essie's beach party. its literally the perfect peachy nude color, so if you're in the market for a good basic nail color i recommend this one! 
next, my brother, dad, and i went to the airport to pick up my grandmother and her boyfriend (although they hate me saying boyfriend haha). her flight was a little bit delayed so we had a photo shoot in the airport. i live in kentucky, so it's normal for there to be a random colonel sanders (of KFC) in the middle of the airport. 
it's also normal for there to be a random horse a jockey statue in the airport.
random stuff goes down in kentcuky! 
my family was staying at this awesome hotel in town, and by the elevators there is an interactive wall. that rains letters and land on your shadow/refleciton! it's so awesome I made my dad take a picture with me! 

this is my cousin's and me at my brother's friday night dinner! he had a special drink made for him that i like to call "jewce" (get it? juice with a little touch of jew? i know what you're thinking, that  i'm hilarious and clever and witty, but i already know that because i get it all the time... not)  my cousin's and i had a blast at dinner, because us "older girls" got our own table outside of where the rest of the family was because there wasn't enough room, which was fine by us! 

saturday morning there was a brunch at my house, and my cousins and i walked over to the thrift store that i talked about in one of my recent posts. we didn't find anything cute so we tried on these hides tops! they don't look too bad in the picture but it's out of focus, so you have to trust me on how bad they were! 

saturday afternoon, my other cousin from nyc and i went out to the driving range.  she is literally the most athletic person i know, and since i play golf we went to see if she could pick up the ropes (catch the ropes? i'm not sure how that saying goes, but i tried). it turns out she can play every single sport naturally, but golf is one she is going to have to work at! 

this is a random story, but this is a picture of the mumford and son's concert where i live! all those little ittie bittie dots are people watching the concert.
side note- my grandma is a talker. she literally could talk to a brick wall and learn each brick's life story. i'm not even kidding. she will talk to any person no matter what they look like and no matter how old they are.
so anyway, i drove to pick up my grandmother and her boyfriend from their hotel to bring them back to my house, and they were talking to this random guy outside of the hotel while they were waiting. when they got into the car i asked them who they were talking to, and they responded "someone from mumfry and something band i think". at first i thought they were just talking to a small band's member. but then i asked if it was a mumford and son's band member, and it was! how cool is that??
if you've never heard of mumford and sons you have to check out there music! i absolutely love every single song that they have made! click here and here to hear a good one!

so that concludes my little weekend recap. there was a ton more stuff that went on, but i think you've seen enough for now!

did you have a fun weekend?
have you heard of mumford and sons?

thanks for reading!


  1. mumford and sons=fabulous. Love them.

  2. Wow! My Nam is exactly the same - she will take to anyone! That's so cool that your grandma was chatting to a member of Mumford and sons - crazy! Looks like you had a fab weekend :)

  3. Looks so fun! My boyfriend is Jewish and I always ask him to have another bar mitzvah so I can attend!