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Thursday, October 4, 2012

makeup routine with drugstore products!

i'm the first to admit that i'm cheap when it comes to buying makeup! pretty much the only makeup i have bought myself is drugstore makeup. 
i have a few high end make up items, but they're only ones that my mom was nice enough to buy for me! (she only buys me things that i absolutely need, but sometimes she's in a giving mood)
 Caroline at Citrus&Style  and Signe at SignificantlyStyled  inspired me to write about what makeup i use, because they both wrote about what they used! 
also, on pinterest today, i came across the most amazing pin ever! it read : "List of drugstore cosmetics that are duplicates of department store brands" 
as soon as a read it i was so pumped, and now i have a whole wish list of new makeup items that i now want to add to my collection! 
but for now i'll show you what i use, and also show swatches/what they look like on me! 

the very first thing i do is put on coverup! i have some mad under eye circles in the morning, so i first put this under my eyes then if i have any blemishes (let's be honest, i always have blemishes) i use this product to decrease the red-ness/!  (obviously the swatch is before I blend it out! it really does look my skin tone once it's blended -- i promise)

next i add some eyeliner! my eyes are super sensitive, and even those these wet&wild eyeliners are only $1 they don't irritate me!! how awesome is that? i want to get one in every color! i usually stick with the brown for school, but when i'm feeling adventurous i wear the blue (i only wear a tiny bit so i don't look like a nightmare from the 80s)

next i curl my eyelashes! 

then i either use maybeline's one by one volume mascara or wet&wilds megalength mascara. both are super great, but i have pretty voluminous lashes already, so i usually wear the length mascara! 

and lastly, i put on EOS lipbalm! it smells good and it makes my lips super super soft! this is a great product, especially in the winter when chapped list are an unwanted accessory! 

and that's my daily makeup routine before school! i don't like to wear a lot of stuff on my actual face, because i hate feeling "heavy" if that makes any sense! 

what's your makeup routine?
what's your favorite drugstore product?

thanks for reading! 


  1. I agree that drugstore makeup works just as well as high end! I love the Covergirl stuff and I never spend my money when I don't have to. :)

  2. I absolutely adore the EOS lip balm. I tried it for the first time last week and am now addicted. Definitely a great find!