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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

fall swap goodies!

i had had my eye out for a while, looking for a swap. i couldn't find one anywhere, but was sooo desperate to do one! i love receiving gifts, but buying gifts for other people is much more fun for me! when i found neely's fall swap, i didn't hesitate to sign up! i was lucky enough to be partnered up with amber from my three bittles! it turns out that we have a lot in common, so shopping for her was pretty easy! i guess shopping for me was pretty easy too, because i love absolutely everything she picked out for me!! 

with out further ordieu, here's what amber was sweet enough to get me! 

the overview! 

i thought it was pretty funny that she sent it in a pampers box! 

from top left clockwise
1. some school supplies! i had been needing some new locker magnets, so these are perfect! the pens are super super cute, and i love all of the notepads/calendars! 
2. the candle is apple cinnamon flavor, and it smells so good. i can't wait to burn this in my room! 
3. a cute little mug! she put little notes on almost everything! this one says "cuz sometimes you just need a good cup of coffee", which is 100% true! 
4. a cute little own statue! i love owls, and it looks great on my bookshelf in my room! this note says "cuz owls are just cute"

1. body relaxants! i definitely have been needing this recently, and i can't wait to try this out in the very near future! 
2. the cutest plaque ever that says "laughter is the best medicine". i hung this on my closet door! 
3. fuzzy socks. these are blue and white stripes, so they are perfect;) also they are super soft and comfy, and i love wearing these around the house when it's cold outside! 
4. a bag tag that says peace out! isn't it cute?? "cuz sometimes you just need to tell the world peace out and enjoy some you time"-- so true

(sorry these pictures are so dark) 
1. headbands -- these are the material of the hair ties that don't crimp your hair! these actually stay on my head, and i can't wait to wear them to school!
2. CANDY! as soon as i opened the box of candies, my mom came into my room and stole the peanut m&m's. and i might almost be done with all of the candy. 
3. nail polish! i have been needing a red nail polish for the longest time, and absolutely love the color she picked out! i also love love love grey nail polish, and i don't have a dark grey so i'm so happy to add these two polishes to my collection!! 

if you have never done a swap before, you totally should! even if you only do it one time! it should be on everyones blogger bucket lists;) 
i just want to say thank you again to amber, i absolutely LOVE everything! 

thanks for reading! 

1 comment:

  1. I think I went overboard now that I'm seeing this. Lol.
    I tried to fit it all in a regular flat rate box but it wouldn't all fit!!! This was such a fun swap!! Thanks for being an awesome partner!