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Monday, November 19, 2012

lounge wear : thanksgiving style

this year has flown by.

as you know, thanksgiving is this week. 
here are a few inspirational outfits that i've put together for this years thanksgiving feast. 
keep in mind all of them are extremely comfortable and that you can eat as much food as you want to, without having to worry about having to roll out the door. 
it's lounge wear thanksgiving style, y'all

and we CAN'T forget about black friday! 
pretty much the best friday of the year! 
keep in mind that on black friday you want clothes that are easy to take on an off if you plan on trying anything on. 
leggings are the best pants, because you can try things on on top of them! 
flats are also the best, so you can run from store to store and they are easy to take on and off if you want to try shoes on (which we all want to do)
here's what i'm thinking about wearing this year : 

what do you plan on wearing for thanksgiving and/or black friday?

thanks for reading! 

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