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Saturday, November 17, 2012


hey there! 

in march I am going to be "auditioning" to try to be accepted into this thing called Governors School for the Arts. It's basically a free three week summer camp that deals with your individual arts group. For example, there's Creative Writing, Musical Theatre, Vocals, New Media (the one I'm auditioning for), and many many more. The entire state of Kentucky is eligible for entry, which is awesome, but 150-200 people are potentially going to try out for New Media and only 10 people get in. The chances of me actually getting in are very very slim, but it can't hurt to at least try! 

today there was a free workshop for the individual groups for my city. It was really helpful, because I get to meet the instructor who will be interviewing me for the audition. Also, I got to see what the other kid's art work was. basically i got to scope out the competition;)
everyone in my group was super super talented! 
but i am going to start regularly posting my photography for y'all to see, in hopes that maybe i can receive some feedback and critiques! i love hearing what people think of my work, even if they don't like it, because it really in truly helps my become a better photographer. as cheesy as that sounds! 

so today i'm going to show you a series of pictures that i took of a friend! 

i hope y'all like them, and even if you don't i'd love to hear your feedback! 






please leave your thoughts in the comments section! 
i will love you forever 

thanks for reading!