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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Palm Gifts

I recently stumbled upon the cutest online store called The Palm Gifts
This store literally has all your monogrammed needs, for the best prices of all times! 
Get ready to find the perfect holiday presents for your friends, your moms, your sisters, and your friend's sister's moms! 

I received my items in record breaking time, and they are literally perfect. You should definitely add these items to your Christmas list and/or find gifts for your friends. 

I was very kindly sent these two items, and I have to say I absolutely love them. I was sent the soft cashmere feel monogrammed scarf in sassy pink and also the monogrammed cosmetic bag in the color lime. 

First of all, I have to say that the monogrammed scarf is my new favorite. I am a scarf addict so I own a lot of scarves, and to say that this scarf is my favorite really does say a lot! It is so soft and so perfect. I love the little tassels on the end. I also wear a lot of navy in the winter time, so the fact that the monogram is in navy is perfect because it matches my entire wardrobe! 
This scarf comes in five different colors, fifteen different thread color options for the monogram, and four different monogram fonts.
 How great is that? 
This scarf is the perfect gift for all of your friends, because who doesn't love a good scarf in the winter time? 
The best part? 
It only costs $20. 

You read that right, $20! 

I was also sent this adorable monogrammed makeup case. As you might know, I'm beyond obsessed with cases. I have a huge collection, and it's starting to become a problem. 
A problem that I'm perfectly ok with having;)

Any way, I absolutely LOVE this makeup case for three reasons
1. It's huge : 
I have a lot of makeup, and when I travel I like to take a lot with me. This case can fit all the makeup I need and more! It's perfect. 
2. It's lined : 
If you've ever had makeup spilled in one of your cases that isn't lined, you know how much of a pain it is to clean out. Because, this case is lined I'm ensured easy cleanup if anything should break! 
2.5 It has a pocket on the inside: 
The pockets makes it easy to reach your most used items! 
3. It has a bow on it : 
Need I say more? Seriously, how darn cute is that bow? 

This makeup case has
Six different color options for the case 
52 different bow options 
17 different thread colors for the monogram 
9 different font options for the monogram. 

Can you say "customizable"? 
Again, the best part?
It only costs $18.95.
Yep, $18.95! 
Buy one for yourself, your mom, your friends, and your mailman! 

Aren't these the most perfect holiday gifts? 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. You chose the cutest ones! So jealous :P

  2. I would love a monogrammed scarf - too cute!

    P.S I nominated you for the versatile blogger award over on my blog :)

  3. SO cute, I love all the choices on the makeup bag... can't wait to check out the store!