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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

etsy esty!

hey y'all! 

we know how much i love etsy.
we know how much i love lilly pulitzer.
we also know how much i love my monogram/initials.

what happens when we combine the three? 


i recently stumbled upon an etsy shop, and
 i have been bursting at the seams waiting to share it with you!
the shop is called HandPaintedCoolers
but not only does the owner sell hand painted coolers, she also sells hand painted letters!
the best part?
they're only $15!
um yes please.

the quality of the letter is impeccable and the print is just flawless! 
they are the perfect present for all of your friends this christmas, because they are under $20, and the quality definitely seems like they are worth way more! 
your friend will be filled with so much joy when she receives one of these letters! 
pop on over to this etsy shop and buy a few letters for your besties, and then when you're done write a letter to santa with a link to the shop! 

how cute would it be if you spelled out your name in mis-matched (or matched) lilly patterns in your room or dorm room? 

if you're not a lilly fan or have something else in mind, don't worry! you can pick out any pattern your heart desires! 
how cute would it be to give your friend/mom/sister her letter with a pattern of something she loves or an inside joke on it! 
you can also pick whichever color ribbon you want, so the possibilities of combinations are virtually endless! 

i love finding cute etsy shops, but it means so much more when the owner is a sweet heart. 
and let me tell you, Elizabeth, the owner of HandPaintedCoolers is as sweet as can be! 

What pattern would you pick?

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Love love love your letter! I'm now putting this on my Christmas list!

  2. SO cute! I like those flowers and the colors you chose. It's still warm where I live and it reminds me of spring, which will be nice when it gets cold. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Oh my gosh, so cute!! Her flamingos on the sample letter on her store were perfect!

    Don't forget, the giveaway going on at Cotton's Pickins ends at midnight!